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Install new skins for AIMP

renew AIMP skin

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Just like most media players, the creators of the media player AIMP also provided the possibility of decorating the program’s interface using removable covers (skins). Such covers are published on different websites.

  1. First, you need to extract the files from the skin archive of the website. Extract the file which is usually a skin name with .acs3 extension (skinname.acs3)
  2. Copy the file to the folder located in the AIMP installation directory usually C: \ Program Files (x86) \ AIMP3 \ Skins.
  3. To apply the cover, there are two different ways:
  • Right-click on the current cover visualization window and select the skin you need in the Covers menu;
  • Go to SettingsInterfaceCovers panel. Select the required skin (skin) from the list and use the Apply button. After applying the changes, the settings window can be closed.
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