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Install WhatsApp on your PC or Mac

install whatsapp on PC or Mac

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WhatsApp is a cross platform instant messaging App which now supports all major mobile OS like Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Symbian. It is estimated that one million users register on WhatsApp every day.

WhatsApp is designed for installing on mobile OS, not for Windows or iOS. You can install it on a PC or Mac under these conditions.

  • Install BlueStacks App Player for your PC or Mac. Check this link for more details on installing Android on PC or Mac.
  • You can only use your WhatsApp account in either your mobile device or PC. If WhatsApp is installed on PC using your existing account, the one on the mobile device will be de-activated. So do it only if it is okay or get a new mobile number to register for PC or Mac.

Step by step procedure to install WhatsApp on PC or Mac

  1. Install BlueStacks App PlayerInstall BlueStacks App Player
  2. Go to Google Play and install WhatsApp. If it ask for permission, just click Accept.install whatsapp in bluestacks app player
    whatsapp installation bluestacks app player
  3. Enter your mobile number for WhatsApp to send SMS with verification code. Enter the verification number on your mobile to register your device for using WhatsApp. (In my computer, SMS method didn’t work after repeated methods. You can use call me method, where WhatsApp will give you a call where the 6 digit number will repeated for 30 sec.)
    bluestacks app player whatsapp mobile verification
    bluestacks app player whatsapp mobile verification complete


Find the files sent using WhatsApp in BlueStacks App Player

The pictures or videos sent using WhatsApp cannot be directly retrieved on a PC as the windows or iOS operating system cannot directly communicate with Android OS inside BlueStacks App Player. You need to install ES File Explorer to see the files from Windows.

  1. Install ES File ExplorerBlueStacks-App-Player whatsapp esfile explorer installation
  2. Open ES File Explorer.BlueStacks-App-Player whatsapp esfile explorer
  3. Open WhatsApp folder inside the browser window. You can see the pics or videos sent to your WhatsApp inside the folder. Select the file which you want to retrieve on your PC, then click Copy option at the bottom. Then click on the back button to open previous window.BlueStacks App Player whatsapp esfile explorer files open
  4. Open Windows folder, then click on BstSharedFolder. Then click on Paste option at the bottom to copy the file to current location.
    BlueStacks App Player whatsapp esfile explorer file explorer
  5. To see the file from a PC, go to folder ProgramData -> BlueStacks -> UserData -> SharedFolder. You can now see the file for retrieval in that location.BlueStacks App Player whatsapp media file location

Hope you find this information useful. Use the comment section for any queries.

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