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Intel Comet Lake-S come with 10 cores and LGA 1200 socket

Intel-Comet-Lake-S specifications

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Intel does not invest in PCIe 4.0 but the new 400 series still gets a new base, according to reputation. In addition, we get new details about upcoming enthusiast processors and the first desktop processors from the tenth generation.

In a new leak from the Chinese site XFastest, we are now seeing new details about Intel’s tenth generation of Comet Lake-S CPUs and insights into the company’s plans for the coming year. A first interesting detail in the alleged internal Intel images shows that the enthusiastic processors of the upcoming Cascade Lake-X series will be released with up to 18 cores and a TDP of 165 watts. The new processors will be based on a new Glacier Falls platform. Despite the new name, however, the rumors say that the platform will nevertheless retain the name X299, guessingly because of relatively small changes.

New platform but no PCIe 4.0 support

Glacier Falls is said to remain in the 200 series. However, a new 400 series is on its way. It is said to come with the tenth generation of Core processors in Intel’s S series of processors. Here is promised a new platform with a new plinth called LGA 1200. This means that we will lose backward compatibility through the generation shift. The plan is said to be starting production shortly before the turn of the year, so the launch is probably to be expected at the beginning of next year. In the new platform, there is no support for PCIe 4.0, which we find in AMD’s latest platform. Intel is said to instead invest in broader support for more I / O paths, up to 46 with 30 managed by the 400 chipsets, of which 24 are PCIe 3.0.

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All the way to 125 watts

Comet Lake-S will provide space for processors with up to 125, 65 and 32 watts TDP for enthusiasts to low-energy processors. With up to 10 promised cores, we are talking about relatively hot new processors, considering that the newly launched AMD Ryzen 3900X offers twelve cores with 105 watts of TDP and that Coffee Lake-S only ranges to six cores and 95 watts. With that said, we know nothing about clock speeds, or any other details for that part, so much shade remains to be filled in between the numbers. Comet Lake-S certainly looks to stretch relatively high in energy needs.

A salt container is always good to have close to hand to rumors like this. In any case, today’s leakage looks much more reliable than similar rumors that have been circulating recently. Now we are starting to get a little clear picture of what Intel plans for desktop computers in response to AMD’s launch of Ryzen 3000 last weekend.

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