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Internet Explorer will now be a mode inside Edge Browser

edge browser with internet explorer mode

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Soon there will be no more Internet Explorer. Windows will now have an IE mode inside Edge browser. For users and companies that need the legacy software IE, they still can use it as an IE mode inside the Edge browser.

“The new Internet Explorer modes accurately render IE-only content within Microsoft Edge without having to open a separate browser or manually change settings,” said Kyle Pflug, senior program manager at Microsoft. “Edge uses the existing Enterprise Mode Side List to identify sites that require IE rendering and automatically switches to the correct mode to display those sites.”

Enterprise Mode is a Windows 10 feature that allows IT, administrators, to determine which websites and web apps are opened in IE; these sites and apps are currently being launched in the separate Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) that comes with Windows 10.

Although Microsoft has built Windows 10 on the concept of multiple browsers, IE11 and Enterprise Mode for legacy sites and apps and Edge for the rest, Pflug has now turned its back on the idea. “We hear from our customers that most companies today rely on a multi-browser solution and we hear from our customers and partners that this experience is incoherent and confusing,” he said, implying that IE is one of those browsers. (According to Net Application analysis data, Chrome is the most likely partner in such scenarios.)

In retrospect, IE’s degradation should have been foreseen months ago when Microsoft program manager Chris Jackson restricted the application by calling it “a compatibility solution” and telling users that the more they use it, the further they fall behind.

Pflug did not describe how the new IE11 mode will work within Edge. But no matter how Microsoft does it, the process will not be a first. Similar solutions have been around for years.

One of the best known is IE Tab, a Chrome extension that has been available since 2009 and that displays pages with IE in Google’s browser. It does almost exactly what Pflug said the IE mode would do in the updated Edge. Another is Browsium’s Catalyst, a tool that acts as an IT traffic agent, which opens some sites and apps in a Firefox or Chrome and others in IE. And Google offers something like Catalyst – also called ” Legacy Browser Support ” (LBS) – to business customers for handling the necessary IE pages and apps.

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