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iOS 13 to send spam callers directly to the mailbox

spam block in iOS 13

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Nobody wants to be harassed by advertising or fraud calls. It would be helpful if such calls were automatically filtered out. iOS 13 will soon offer exactly this solution.

Apple’s iPhone operating system announced this fall for iOS 13 sends unwanted calls directly to the mailbox. According to Apple, for all iPhone models from the iPhone 6S, only calls will be let through numbers found in contacts, chats or emails.

All other calls are initially redirected to the mailbox automatically. Apple uses the assistant Siri for filtering. The background of the innovation is the massive increase in unwanted calls by companies or fraudsters, especially in the USA. Google’s Android has been offering filter filtering for spam calls for some time now.

Apple users can now block unwanted callers by hand. To do this, tap on the «i» icon to get the advanced information of a specific caller in the call log and to block a caller at the very bottom of the following page.

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