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iPad Pro 9.7 inches – A Buyers Guide and Review

iPad Pro 9.7 inches Buyers Guide and Review

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The latest iPad Pro is the best tablet Apple ever made. Unfortunately, equipping the tablet with a Smart keyboard may not make it a replacement for iPad Air or any laptop. But it came close enough. Just like any Apple product, the newest iPad is beautiful with crisp clean edges and a brilliant when it comes to performance.  The model is a smaller version of its big brother iPad Pro 12.9 inch. At times, the model outperforms its big brother in case of performance and easiness to handle.


The 9.7 inch iPad Pro is identical to iPad 2 in dimensions except for some minor improvements here and there. For e.g, the new model comes with 4 speakers instead of 2 for better audio quality. Also, the rear camera projects out like the one in the latest iPhone. The device works perfectly with Apple Pencil. There is a smart port on the left side which allow the device to connect seamlessly with Smart Keyboard.


The new iPad Pro is powered by the latest A9X on a 64-bit architecture, the same processor which power the 12.7 bigger version. The processor is complemented by an M9 co-processor to perform multiple tasks for extended periods.

The RAM is only 2GB compared to 4GB in the bigger version.

iPad screen supports 2040 by 1536 resolution with a pixel density of 264 pixels per inch for the screen iPad Pro screen a wider colour gamut, making us more colours than ever seen on the screen.

Another feature added compared to the bigger version is the presence of True Tone technology. This is a feature which allows the device to automatically adjust the screen colour intensity based on the lighting. This is done using cameras of the iPad which is used to analyze the ambient light and adjust the white balance of the screen accordingly. This gives a brighter and crisp display in all lighting conditions. This feature can be turned off and on to suit your needs.

The rear camera is 12MP and the front camera is 5MP. The rear camera is equipped with True tone flash while the rear camera comes with a retina flash.

It also has 4 speakers on all 4 sides for a better sound. These speakers make enough noise and there is hardly any distortion at higher volumes. Watching and listening movies and trailers is a relief compared to many other tablets or phones.

There is a connection for 3.5mm headphone jack on the top.

The lightning connector is used to power the device. There is also a lightning data connector for faster data transfers.

The new iPad comes with increased storage space. The larger iPad came with only 32GB, but the newer one comes with 256GB of storage space enough to store a huge collection of movies, music, and other files. One reason why Apple wants users to have increased storage is to encourage using the device for professional use.

User Experience

iPad Pro seems to have developed a long way compared to its bigger brother and iPad mini.

The device is highly responsive to touch and fast. Apple products are known for its colour and display clarity. With this new iPad, Apple seems to have taken the display to even higher standards. The colour range is greater than ever before. The screen is also less reflective compared to other versions, almost 40% less than iPad Air.

The Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil work perfectly with iPad Pro. The keyboard is so thin that it easily goes with the packing. So you don’t feel like carrying an extra item. The pencil can be used to take notes, signature, and drawing. There are options to use a scale and draw, which makes it ideal for professional use.

The new iPad is capable of recording a movie in 4K resolution. Editing is also easier and smooth without slowing down the hardware.


iPad Pro 9.7 completely make the 12.9 version completely obsolete. It outsmarts the older version completely in almost all fields. But this version of iPad Pro may not completely replace the use of it as a laptop.

When it comes to price, it costs less than 12.9 version. But it is still highly priced for a tablet. The 256 GB version with all the accessories included, costs nearly to a new MacBook. Still, if you are into taking a lot of notes, drawing, making audio and video presentations, you may want to look into it.

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