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iPhone users common concerns before switching to Android

iPhone user switching to Android

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Apple fans are very loyal fans and they hardly shift to phones in favor of Android. Even If they want to switch to Android, they have some concerns regarding switching to Android. Here are some of the common concerns for iPhone users before switching to Android.

  1. Contacts and bookmarks

The first concern naturally is how to transfer all your contacts and keep bookmarks intact while transferring. Fortunately, this is not a difficult task. It is very easy to transfer your contacts from iCloud to your Google account. Apple is even kind to give you detailed instruction on how to transfer files.

Similarly, it is possible to transfer and sync iOS Calendar with Google Calendar. There is a chrome extension iCloud Bookmarks which helps in syncing between the two browsers.

  1. Messaging services

Popular messaging services such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype etc. have similar Apps for Android version.  Once you install these App services on Android phone, the new phone will take over the settings and the one on iPhone will become inactive. For e.g., If WhatsApp is installed on an Android device using the same phone number, the WhatsApp that was installed on iPhone will get disabled.

Regarding iMessage, there is no replacement for the service in Android. You can either use the normal SMS from Android or use SMS Apps such as Chomp SMS, Google Messenger, EvolveSMS etc.

  1. Music Collection

Apple Music is available on Android. You would not lose your collection or there won’t be any license issues when transferring to Android. Similar services like Spotify and Deezer also have its Android versions.

Android also have a huge collection of media players.

  1. Favorite programs

Apple’s popularity is largely attributed to programs and games that are specifically native to iOS. You may not find these programs on Android. But you may find similar programs from Android developers. Android have the maximum collection of Apps for any mobile OS.

  1. iPhone Camera vs Android Camera

This is one of the major concern for most iPhone users before switching to Android phone. Camera Quality is one section where iPhone consistently win over Android phone. There is no doubt iPhone users may find it difficult to accept the camera quality of Android phones.

If you are particular about camera quality, go for some high end phones in Android which is capable of beating iPhone quality. E.g. Samsung S7, HTC 10, Huawei P9, LG G5 etc.

  1. Android Security

Android is open-source. The source code is open which allow more developers to work for and create Apps for Android. iOS is not open source, restricted and got limited developers for developing Apps. iOS developers have to go through strict inspection before their Apps gets approved. Comparatively, Android is less strict and easy to get approved. This made it possible for malware coders to create Apps that can be used for exploits.

Android users need to be a little careful when it comes to installing Apps compared to iOS Apps. Always make sure to install popular and high star rated Apps.

  1. Touch ID

Apple is famous for its Touch ID feature. But is not an Apple invention. Most of Android high end phones are finger print scanning enabled.

  1. Apple Accessories and headphones

One of the perks in owning an iPhone is the aesthetically designed iPhone accessories which are the best when it comes to performance. It will be a big loss if you cannot use these on other phones. Don’t worry. Any accessories that can be connected using a Bluetooth or 3.5mm audio jack works perfectly with Android phones.

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