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List of Android Browsers to Try For

Android Browsers list

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Android OS is used by more users than any other mobile OS. With the popularity of Android and the never ending collection of Apps make it difficult for anyone to choose the right App. Lot of Android browsers are constantly been developed and improved upon. Thanks to google for encouraging developers without putting much restriction unlike Apple. Apple does encourage developers to develop apps for iOS, but with strict rules such as they should specifically use stock WebKit rendering and JavaScript engines. The result is a somewhat clone of safari browser. But in Android, encouraged by the freedom given by Google lot of browsers are available that serve your specific needs and suited for specific devices.

In this article, we will go through some of the Android browsers that are available in the market apart from the default chrome browser.


Overall, Firefox is the second most used browser in the world. It didn’t disappoint when it comes to Android devices. Although it failed to impress when compared to default chrome browser, it still performed very well.

The browser is fast and offered a solid mobile experience. The browser is capable of sync with the desktop and phone version of the browser.  It also supports add-ons, tabbed browsing and allow customization. Firefox browser is a must have browser for any Android device.

Dolphin Browser

mobile dolphin browserDolphin Browser boasts itself as the world’s first Sonar, Gesture and Add-on enabled mobile browser for Android. This is a browser which may not have the best scores in terms of speed, but it is one of the browsers that work very well with Android 2.0.1 and upwards.

Sonar support means it allows voice activation. It means easy to bookmark, share and search using this feature. Though this feature is now becoming common in more and more devices, Dolphin has worked on it from early on and much advanced in its feature. Gesture support means you can use different gestures for opening a specific page.

Other features include tabbed browsing, zooming and sync bookmarking with Google. The browser have a in page search feature. You can also subscribe to RSS. There is also one tap share option to post the page to social media. This is one browser which is constantly evolving with lot of ideas and implementing it. You won’t be disappointed to have Dolphin browser installed in your Android device.

Opera Browser

Opera is one of the browsers which work very well with Android tablets and smartphones. It readily synchronizes bookmark, speed dial and other features, both with desktop and mobile version of the browser. The browser allows zooming and provides orientation tools for the page.  The browsers also support tabbed browsing and have standard sharing option with social networking sites.

The browser is very fast, second only to chrome browser. The Opera browser engine was recently overhauled with support for WebKit which helped increasing the browsing speed tremendously.


If you have a 7 inch tablet running Android, this is a browser you should have. The browser is best known for its optimized performance of 7 inch tablet screen. The browser is powered by cloud technology which means it is easy to sync with other devices. The browser is well known for its improved features and better performance. The browser supports Flash plug-in which means viewing videos is less of a problem compared to other Android browsers.

The browser also comes with different skins. It also has a growing list of add-ons. Maxthon browser is capable of sending files, links, images and texts to other messages using the cloud service.

Skyfire Web Browser 5.0

This is feature packed browser lets you to create and add own extensions to work with social media sites and sites like Wikipedia, Linkedln. The browser has flash incorporated and so playing videos is not a problem at all with this browser. If a streaming video is not supported, it is rendered using Skyfire cloud server and then it is downloaded to the mobile in a format that it understands. But it comes with only a license which you need to pay for. You get a 3 day trial period before taking a decision to buy.

Xscope Browser Pro

Xscope Browser Pro is a premium browser which works perfectly on tablets and with a wealth of unique options.  Some of the features include flipping between WebPages using finger on left and right, tap twice to zoom in on a specific location, changing color contrast to save power and go easy on your eyes and ad blocking. The browser has inbuilt flash support. You can also download videos and documents. It all comes with a price of $2.99.


Sleipnir browser is powered by WebKit which makes it a fast browser. Tab browsing is evolutionary and has different set of bars. It also integrates social media for easy sharing.  There is ad blocking features too. One issue that is much talked about this browser is the problem with saving some cookies.


Boat Browser Mini

Boat Browser Mini is stable and simple with minimalistic front end features. The browser is speedy in rendering pages. It also has full screen page view and capability to download files. Other features are capability to take share links, save pages and take screenshots.


Angel Browser

Angel Browser is good enough to keep it as a reserve android browser. There are features for tabbed browsing, taking screenshot, ability to create QR codes, set a page to read it later, export and import Google Bookmarks and share it on Facebook. However, there are problems with getting error messages when sites are not loading immediately or taking time to load. Hopefully they will take of it soon. Apart from that, this is one browser that you should give it a try.

ONE Browser

The browser is a simple tool that allows you to go around the web, find a webpage, load the pages fast. One of the major features of ONE browser is allowing pages to be saved to SD card. The browser has the support of community and they are still improving on their existing features and adding new. This browser is sure to go up to the top list of Android browsers. If you like testing new tools and experiment, download and test it.

ICS Browser+

This browser currently supports only Ice Cream Sandwich. It is a stable and average browser.

The list of android browsers is not finished. Please leave a comment if I missed any interesting browser in the list.

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