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List of Best Mobile Browser for Android

Best Mobile Browser for Android

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One of the reasons for Android’s popularity is the abundance of Apps for performing multitude of functions. Same is with internet browsers. There are plenty of android internet browser in Google Play store. Here is a list of the best mobile browser for Android.

Google Chrome browser

 Best Mobile Browser for AndroidGoogle Chrome is the most popular browser on PC’s and desktops. It is the same with Android device as well. Google Chrome is the most popular browser on Android tablets and mobile phones.

The browser have a simple interface and very fast in performance. Since the browser is from Google, it is easy to connect between other Google services. It is easy to do a voice search and text translate services using Google Translate. There is an incognito mode in Chrome which allow browsing in private mode by leaving no traces of history and cookies to track those details. The mobile version of Chrome do not support Adobe Flash and extensions. Regarding extensions, it might be temporary as the next versions might carry those features. There are other safety measures such as filtering harmful websites. The chrome also have a built-in compression feature which compress data to allow quick downloads and save valuable data quota.  The data compression may not be the best compared to some of the other competitors, but it is better than having nothing.

Mozilla FireFox browser

 Best Mobile Browser for Android
Just like Chrome, Mozilla FireFox is another popular name in the browser list. This is also a fast growing and popular android browsers.

The user interface is simple, but comes with lot of features and functionality added to the skin. The browser is also fast especially in the beginning. It does use file compression to render webpages faster. You may need to clean the cache once in a while to maintain the faster performance. You can enable Adobe Flash here which allow online browser games. Java is also enabled. You can also synchronize settings such as bookmarks between different web browsers. Gecko engine that powers FireFox supports almost all modern web standards. This guarantee a wonderful experience for viewers visiting website which utilize the latest standard.

Opera Mini browser

 Best Mobile Browser for Android

Like Chrome and FireFox, Opera used to be listed in the top 5 list of web browsers for desktop and laptop. Opera has now come out with Opera Mini which have the potential to be the top 3 browsers in Android.

Opera Mini claims to be faster than Chrome and UC browser. The browser is capable of compressing up to 90% of original data which lead to fast rendering of webpages. It also use video booster by compressing videos which smooth streaming of videos. It support private browsing and offline browsing. There is also a download manager. You can also use the built-in ad blocker which again helping save data download. The browser is also designed to be light weight by using very less RAM. Another nice feature is the data saving feature which allow checking how much data is used.

Some facts about Opera Mini

UC Browser

 Best Mobile Browser for Android

UC web browser which is part of Alibaba Group Company might be feature rich of all the web browsers. The browser is fast, but may not be the best in the business. The interface itself is feature rich with a download manager, currency converter, weather widget and an adaptive mode that changes the color scheme.

It allow installing add-ons, even though the list is short.  There is an in-built news feed. It support Adobe Flash. There is an inbuilt ad-blocker to block unnecessary ads. The browser is also integrated with cloud service.

Dolphin Browser

 Best Mobile Browser for AndroidDolphin browser is a worthy alternative from the most popular browsers. There are some good functionality and features. The browser have a simple user interface with lot of usable options included in menu.

You can change the themes, make change to privacy settings and allow notification. The browser as of now supports Adobe Flash which makes it perfect for fans of online browser games. There is an option to enable or disable Java.

At present, they don’t have file compression feature which allow faster downloads and browsing speed. There are no private mode such as the incognito mode as in Chrome. Also add-on options are not there. Hopefully, the developers will be able to incorporate these features through the latest updates.

Verdict: It is hard to point out which is the best browser from the list. Each of them is good in their own way. People have different priorities and they should select accordingly. Google Chrome being the leader is a definite must have in your Android device. Opera Mini is also highly recommended for being fast, data savings and other features.

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