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List of Free Cloud Storage Services

Free cloud storage space

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More users are now drawn to using files stored in Cloud Storage Services for variety of reasons. Storing files in Cloud has its own advantage. You can save hard disk space by storing large files in cloud. Storing important files in cloud storage space reduce the risk of  files due to hardware failure. These files can be accessed from any device which can connect to the cloud service using an internet connection. In order to save files inside Cloud, you need to sign up with a service provider and pay for the disk space. Here, you will find a list of free services whose combined space will give you enough space to store your files initially.

Microsoft SkyDrive

microsoft skydrive cloud serviceMicrosoft started their service in 2007. The old school Skydrive users were lucky to get 25GB of free space on signing up. It is now limited to 7GB for new free users which is actually better than its competitors. Skydrive is now more concentrating on actively supporting Windows Phone Apps and the soon to be released Windows 8. A disadvantage of SkyDrive is the lack of support for Android Apps. Visit Microsoft SkyDrive for more details.

Some Facts about Microsoft SkyDrive
How to connect SkyDrive as a network drive

Google Drive

google drive cloud serviceGoogle Drive is the file storage service from Google recently started by April 2012. Relatively new in the competition, this is the home of Google Docs. Google Drive offers 5GB of free space on signing up. They also provide the same service as SkyDrive and the ability to edit documents real time from cloud storage space using a web browser. Visit Google Drive site.


SugarSync cloud serviceSugarSync was rated as the best cloud service in 2011. They definitely deserve the place for the easiness  to do file transfer, synching, file sharing across all different operating system platforms including windows, Mac OS and Linux. It also seamlessly supports devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android devices and windows phones.  They allow 5GB of free space once you sign up for their service. Visit SugarSync site.

Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Drive cloud serviceAmazon cloud drive is one of the most trusted in this list. They provide 5GB free space on signing up. The interface is easy, but the service is a bit slow at times. Unfortunately, there is no file sharing and mobile access is limited to web browsers. Join Amazon Cloud Drive.


dropbox cloud serviceDropbox is very popular with geeks for the simple interface and fast performance. Don’t worry about the 2GB free space offered on signing up. Dropbox provide you numerous referral systems which if utilized properly can get you a whooping 16GB space. You get more additional space using the camera upload feature and linking to social media accounts. Visit Dropbox site.


box cloud serviceBox is another cloud service which offers 5GB of free space. Box is not that popular as it doesn’t allow syncing of files, search text and lack of mobile device support. Some of the mobile devices now have a Box App and if you use it, there is an additional 50GB added to your account. Join Box here.

There are other interesting cloud services Syncplicity, Symform etc. Symform very much caught my attention as it offers almost 200GB on certain conditions. Visit their website for more details.

All the Cloud Storage Services mentioned here combined together should be able to raise a minimum 100GB of free space. Good enough for a beginner to start uploading files. Try it now.

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