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Logitech x300 Portable Speaker Review

Logitech x300 speaker

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If you are looking for a decent speaker that is easy to carry around and reasonably priced, it is worth looking at the latest Logitech X300 speakers. The speaker is ideal for frequent travelers who like to carry it around and not looking for a very loudspeaker.

Logitech x300 Technical Specification

  • USB charger
  • Bluetooth: A2DP, with a range of almost 10 meters
  • Bluetooth-Hands-Free Profile (HFP1.6)
  • Battery: 4-5 hours
  • Size: 7.1 cm x 15.2 cm x 6.9 cm
  • Weight: 335g

Logitech’s x300 portable wireless stereo speaker is also available in other colors such as black (with golden brown net), blue and purple.

Logitech x300 portable speaker review
The front and sides are covered by a grid that most of all looks like something made of plastic. However, the net is solid and won’t get destroyed by normal use.

When the speaker is placed on a surface, it is tilted slightly up for a better sound. The speaker has good sound on both sides, allowing you to place it standing as well.

On the top, back and bottom of the speaker, there is a rubber coating that has texture, which means that the speaker does not skate around despite loud music at max volume. This rubber can give you an unwanted accessory feeling, but after a long time on the go, this will be an advantage.

Logitech x300 portab;e speaker review

Another detail is the power button located on the back. Just below the power button, there is a status diode that tells if the device is ready for pairing, whether it is paired, whether it is charging, or whether it is fully charged. The audio-in port and the mini-USB port for charging are on the lower right side.

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At the top of the speaker is the volume button and also the Bluetooth button which is used to pair the speaker with other devices plus to receive phone calls. The microphone that works with the speakerphone is also next to the Bluetooth button. The speaker id well made and not fragile, like other small speakers.

How to use Logitech’s x300 Speaker

The first time you turn on the speaker, the light turns blue, indicating that it is not charging and red when it is charging, plus that it is ready to be paired. For all other pairings, hold down the Bluetooth button for three seconds, then it makes a small fast sound and the LED light blinks slowly to indicate that it is ready to pair with another device.

Logitech x300 portable speaker review

Logitech’s x300 Conclusion:

Logitech X300 is easy to pair with your computer or phone, which is where the speaker becomes usable. There is no decrease in sound quality even if the pairing device is moved within a reasonable distance. If you first use this speaker for travel where you enjoy music, movies or anything else at the hotel or the beach, then the quality will be immediately surprised.

The speaker may not replace your wireless speakers at home. It may not go louder if you prefer to play loud music and fill a large room. But this speaker can easily become your regular travel partner.

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