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Make Chrome faster by freeing up RAM without closing opened pages

less RAM used by Google Chrome

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Chrome is one of the powerful and fastest browser in the browser market. It is also the most popular and most used browser in the world right now.

Don’t get me wrong. Chrome is definitely very fast and consumes very less RAM. But that stays only for the first few minutes when you have few websites opened. But as you keep browsing with more open webpages, file downloads and multiple tabs opened, you will find the computer slowing down. Soon you may notice the processor starting to make lot of noise as the fans are busy trying to keep the processor cool. If you check the process tab in Task Manager, you might notice Chrome is mostly the culprit.

Fix Chrome using too much RAM

The solution is to restart Chrome. But in normal restart, all open webpages are closed and then you need to manually re-enter the address once again. Use the method mentioned below which will restart Chrome browser and restore all opened websites automatically after restart.

  • Just type chrome://restart in the address bar and hit Enter

Chrome will now restart with all open websites restored automatically.

Google is now working on updates to make Chrome use less RAM and make it powerful and light weight. Until the updates are released, this is the best method to free RAM space used by Chrome browser.

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