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How to make PC WiFi Hotspot?

make my PC WiFi Hotspot

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A WiFi hotspot allow all the devices including desktops, laptops, any internet connecting smart device to connect internet from a common point. Modems and router like devices are the ones that come to our mind thinking of Hotspot. Most modern mobile phones are capable of working as a hotspot. But is it possible to turn your PC to Hotspot? Is it possible to make PC WiFi Hotspot? Yes, it is possible. Similarly, Laptop WiFi Hotspot is also possible. Here is how to create a PC WiFi Hotspot.

Why use PC as WiFi Hotspot

In most homes, there is a router which can be used to share internet connection among all devices. But what if there is no wireless router and you want to share internet with other wireless devices? The solution is simply using the wired connection to PC and use it to wirelessly share internet with other devices. Another scenario is when you have good internet offer on your smartphone and you want to share it with other devices. You can connect the smartphone to your PC or laptop and then share internet with other devices.

The possibility of creating a WiFi hotspot using PC started from Windows XP. The main condition was you need to have a wired NIC (Network Interface Card) and a wireless NIC. The internet was connected to the PC using a wired connection and this was broadcast using wireless connection. Hotspot using XP was not at all popular as it was buggy, configuring the connection was complicated and the connection was not stable.

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The situation has changed a lot since Windows XP. With popularity of wireless and smart devices, Microsoft did a lot of work to improve the feature in future versions of Windows. In Windows 7, it is even possible to use command prompt to configure WiFi and with Windows 10, it is easier.

Create PC WiFi Hotspot in Windows 10

The same can be implemented to make a laptop hotspot Windows 10.

  • Click Start -> Click Settings
  • Click Network & Internet
  • Click Mobile hotspot on the left side
  • Select Share My Internet Connection from -> You need to select if it is a WiFi or Ethernet
  • You can see the Network name and Network password which is automatically set by your PC. If you want to set it more complicated or something that suits you, click on Edit.
  • Once the steps are finished, you need to activate internet connection. Turn on the option Share my Internet connection with other devices

Now your Windows 10 PC should be able to share internet connection with all other devices.

make my PC WiFi Hotspot make my PC WiFi Hotspot

If you want to turn off WiFi hotspot, go back to settings -> Network & Internet -> Click Mobile hotspot -> Turn Off the option Share my Internet connection with other devices.

Create PC WiFi Hotspot in Windows 8 and Windows 7

  • Go to Start -> Control Panel
  • Network and Internet -> Network and sharing center
  • Click Manage Wireless Networks on the left side
  • Click Add on the top left side
  • Under How do you want to add a network, select Create an ad hoc network
  • Click Next on Set up a wireless ad hoc network
  • Type a Network name, select Security Type as WPA2-Personal, enter a password which will the one used to connect to this network
  • Click Next
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A screen will be shown confirming the network is ready.

You may click on wireless connection to see the list of available wireless connection.  You can see your network listed there with a different icon which says waiting for users. Your WiFi hotspot is ready to accept wireless connection.

Create PC WiFi Hotspot using third party software

It is also possible to create hotspot from PC using third-party software. Some are free and some are paid. Some third-party softwares provide additional features such as enhanced security and speed. For personal and occasional users, operating system method is recommended. For companies and organisations with more hotspot users, third-party software might be better option.

Some of the popular software’s are connectify, mHotspot, My Wifi Router, Baidu Wifi Hotspot etc.

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