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Make “This PC” as the default folder for Explorer in Windows 10

windows 10 this pc default

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When you open Explorer window in Windows 10, a special folder “Quick Access” is opened by default. There is nothing wrong with this as it shows direct access to almost all useful locations in one click. However, some users prefer to open “My Computer” folder as in older versions of Windows OS. The older My Computer is now replaced by This PC.

Make This PC as default folder in Windows 10

  1. Right click on Start or Windows button
  2. click File Explorer
  3. click View
  4. click Options
  5. click Change Folder and Search Options
  6. Under General Tab, change the value of Open File Explorer to This PC

this pc default folder windows 10
Open File Explorer and check if My PC window is opened by default. In case if it is not changed, restart the computer and check if it worked.

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