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Microsoft Edge might be most energy efficient browser

Microsoft Edge better battery performance

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Microsoft rolled out Microsoft Edge browser Edge as a replacement for IE. Though the browser created some interest initially,  it failed to rise up to the expectation. As of Aug 2019, the market share for Edge is only 4.81% and is placed in 5th position.

Edge periodically released updates for better performance. Now the company has released a video which shows Microsoft Edge is more energy-efficient browser compared to its main competitor Chrome and Firefox. Clearly a call for Notebook and mobile phone users to use Edge for longer battery life.

Microsoft Edge Browser experiment

This is not the first time that Microsoft has released such a video and even if the “browser experiment” does not go out in favor of Edge for the first time: it has not helped much in recent editions and years, in the latest figures from NetMarketShare brings Edge to a market share of less than 5%. In comparison: market leader Chrome comes to about 70%, Firefox to good 10%.

With these two applications, Microsoft is currently comparing its Edge browser, highlighting that its own program is still gaining in energy efficiency despite the recent updates for Chrome and Firefox. In the case of Microsoft Edge, it is the version distributed with the case of Creators Update for Windows 10, using video streaming as the test method.

Microsoft Edge ran for a good 16 hours and was the winner on the same device. On the second position comes Google Chrome, here the battery lasted for 13.5 hours. The third place was taken by Mozilla Firefox which did not even reach ten hours (9 hours 52 minutes).

Questions regarding the authenticity of the battery test

The video from Microsoft looks authentic. However, the lack of certain details has led to some critics questioning the validity of the conclusion reached from the experiment.

  • The hardware used for this experiment is a Microsoft Surface. However, the resolution used on the screen is not clear. Higher the resolution, lesser the battery life. If Edge browser was placed on a screen with a slightly lower resolution than the others, it is going to give more life to Edge.
  • The browser versions used in Chrome and Firefox is not given. Latest versions of browsers or an updated browser are most likely to be better optimized and so more energy efficient. If the browsers were not the updated versions, chances are chrome and Firefox may not be able to compete with the much-optimized Edge.

The lack of accurate information and lack of response from Microsoft have led to speculation that the video cannot be trusted. This video may not be enough to prove the point that Microsoft Edge is the most energy-efficient browser in the market.

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