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Microsoft Excel for Android convert Table into Excel Sheets

Microsoft Excel for Android convert Table into Excel Sheets

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Microsoft has recently rolled out a new feature for the official Excel app on Android. The new feature is for users who would like to use the image of a table and convert the contents of the table into excel usable data. Microsoft Excel App in Android now is capable of doing all the work now.

  1. Simply use the camera of your phone to take an image of the table.
  2. Cut out the desired area to align the table properly
  3. Import the table image to Microsoft Excel App
  4. Edit the contents of the table

The feature could be really useful for some users, and it also illustrates how much Microsoft is investing in developing and improving their own mobile apps. Not only does it transfer PC features, it also looks for ways to leverage the available device hardware for further enhancements and innovations.

Excel for iOS: Feature is in progress
If you do not have an Android smartphone and currently use iOS instead, you have to wait a little longer for this feature. So far, Microsoft has only made the function available for the Android version of the app.

But the company has let know that they are already working on an update and will make this “soon” available for iPhone. Excel for Android is available for download from Google PlayStore at the link below.

Below you will find our most recent video, where we introduce the best 5 Android apps from Microsoft a little closer and show some possibly less known features.

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