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Microsoft to delete accounts if not active often enough

microsoft deletes inactive accounts

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Microsoft has recently indicated it will automatically close accounts if they are not used for a long time. Users must log in at least once every two years to keep their account active.

Microsoft has had a time limit on user accounts for some time, but has shortened it by three years in the new services agreement. Previously, users had five years to indicate that their account was still active by logging in at least once, and this has now been shortened to two years. In some cases, it is even a year (OneDrive and Outlook.com )

Fortunately, Microsoft has added a lot of exceptions, so the chance that you lose important media/information:

  • If a purchase has been made that is linked to the account. This does not apply to gift cards, certifications or purchases or services based on a subscription.
  • Accounts with active subscriptions are not closed during the subscription period.
  • Developers who have published in the Microsoft Store, the same applies to accounts used to register users for a Microsoft Partner Center account.
  • Customers who have earned certification linked to the Microsoft account
  • If the account balance is not zero.
  • If Microsoft owes money to an account.
  • If the Microsoft account “has given permission for an active Microsoft account of a minor”. The account will be closed if it is considered inactive and closed by Microsoft, closed by the account holder, or converted to a standard Microsoft account.
  • Legal requirements or as otherwise determined by Microsoft

To keep your account active, all you need is log in at least once a yr.

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