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Mozilla Thunderbird – Attach personalized signature to email

attach personalized signature mozilla thunderbird

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Thunderbird is a free excellent alternative to Microsoft Outlook. This email client have some excellent feature including the ability to add personal signature to every mail you sent. This article will show you how to attach personalised signature to email in Mozilla Thunderbird.

  • Put your signature in a piece of white paper. Scan the signature and save it to your computer as a picture.
  • Open the scanned image using an image editor. Crop the signature as close as you can.
  • Resize the cropped image to your desired size. A size of 50 – 80 seems to be perfect for the signature.
  • Save the final image in PNG or JPEG format.
  • Open Mozilla Thunderbird. Open a new email message. Under the options menu, format, set it to Plain and Rich Text.
  • Under the text part of email section, click on the location where the signature needs to be inserted. Click on Insert Menu, then image.
  • Select Choose file, browse to the save signature image and then click Open.
  • Click on File menu, select Save as and then select Template.

Next time you want to send a mail with your signature on it, select the Template you just created. You will have a new mail box open with signature attached to it.

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