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No more Safely Remove Hardware for external storage devices after Windows 10 version 1809

no more safely remove hardware windows 10

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Since the official release of the Windows 10 version 1809, USB sticks no longer have to be removed under the button Safely remove hardware. This was announced on the Microsoft website.

This is good news for a good majority of Windows users.  Most users do not follow the instructions to Safely Remove Hardware for USB devices. They just simply pull out the USB stick once the job is done.

Problems if USB devices are not ejected properly before Windows 10 version 1809

  • This can lead to a possible read-write error corrupting the files inside USB storage.
  • May lead to conflicts in device manager which can lead to USB not getting detected properly. This is because of multiple USB registry entries inside registry which may not get removed automatically when the USB device is removed.
  • Reduced USB device life.

Microsoft has now removed Safely Remove Hardware notification for external storage devices. This is done by making the Quick removal, the default policy inside disk management. The other policy, Better performance bring back safely remove hardware notification.

How to change Safely Remove Hardware option in Windows 10?

  • Connect the USB device to the computer
  • Right-click Start and then click Disk Management
  • Inside Disk Management, right-click USB device, then click Properties
  • Click Policies
  • Select between Quick Removal or Better performance.

Quick removal is selected by default after the release of Windows 10 version 1809. If you select Quick Removal, you don’t have to use Safely Remove Hardware and the option is removed from the notification area. There is no more caching enabled on USB. So, quick removal of USB won’t lead to any read-write error or USB device getting damaged.

Better performance is the alternate option which uses caching in USB devices for Windows. If this option is selected, the USB needs to be removed by selecting Safely remove hardware from the notification area.

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