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Nokia 1320 Windows Phone 8 – A Buyers Guide and Review

nokia 1320 buyers guide

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It seems Nokia have started investing heavily on Phablet market. Even though it took some time for them to develop strategy for big screen devices, now they can concentrate more as Windows OS is now more optimized for large screen devices. It is hard not to compare 1320 with 1520, the result being 1320 less shiny than the other. 1520 model can be looked up on as a high end version and costly version of 1320. Let’s have a review on Nokia 1320 Windows Phone.

Nokia 1320 was released on Feb 2014.

Nokia 1320 is equipped with IPS HD screen measuring 6 inch diagonally with a definition of 1280 x 720 px. Inside it powered by a dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chipset clocked at 1.7GHz, supported by 1GB RAM. The graphics is powered by Adreno 305 GPU. For capturing multimedia, it is equipped with a 5MP camera which is capable of capturing at Full HD 1080p. For connectivity there is Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS.

Screen and Ergonomic Design

First thing everyone notice about the phone is its large 6-inch LCD IPS screen, standing 164.6mm tall, 9.79 thick and weighs 220g. The screen supports 720 x 1280 resolution. The screen is very good by displaying vibrant colors with crisp images and videos. The contrast is also excellent and allow wide viewing angle.

The weight is well distributed and easy to handle with both hands. But, it is not easy to handle the phone using single hand since the thumb won’t be able to reach all corners of the screen. Because of its size, it don’t fit easily in your skinny pants and you will feel its presence inside because of the weight and size.


Lumia 1320 data is processed by a dual core 1.7 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chipset supported by 1GB of RAM and a graphics chip Adreno 305. The phone is able to play videos and games without any problem. It even support 3D games. With a large screen to display the results, this phone definitely is recommended for entertainment purpose.


It’s a joy to play videos, games, watch movies and photos on the big screen. The audio rendering and output is of high quality. Internal speakers are not of good quality, but recommended using headphones or external speakers.


In order to reduce the cost compared to 1520, Nokia downgraded the camera to 5MP (compared to 20MP). But surprisingly, the PureView camera performed well in this model. Contrast is good, colors are bright and well reproduced, good and clear image capture at day time. The videos are captured at 720p by default, but can be upgraded to 1080p by changing setting. It performed well in video capturing close up and distant objects both at day and night.

The camera apps allow modification to white balancing and ISO exposure compensation. The performance can be rated as average, nothing unique but good enough for a camera phone.

The front viewing camera is just an ordinary camera with only 640 x 480 pixel.


It comes with microSD storage of only 8 GB. Out of this, 2GB is already consumed by Windows 8 Phone OS. 8 GB storage is too little for any smartphone now. It’s a mystery why Nokia would even think of putting only 8GB. You can add up to 64GB by adding microSD.

Battery Life

Nokia use a huge battery of 3400mAh on Lumia 1320 as in 1520. With the components in 1320 less powerful compared to 1520, it lasts longer than the other. In the lab tests, the battery lasted 12hrs on video loop rundown test.

Final Verdict:

Nokia Lumia 1320 is a good choice, if you want a Windows based smartphone with a large screen and a reasonably good camera, but at the same time not too costly as Lumia 1520. This is the best phone in its price range. There is nothing amazing about this phone, but it have everything a Windows Phone can offer in that price range.

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