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NordVPN Review – A Trusted and Respected VPN Service

review nordVPN

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If you are looking for one of the most trusted and respected VPN Service, Nord VPN is the one for you. This Panama based company offers a whopping 4901 servers across 62 countries. The company also offers service to a variety of operating systems and devices such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android, Android TV, Smart TV, Router etc.


A single Nord VPN is capable of protecting 6 devices using different operating system platforms. It supports a variety of services such as browsing, file sharing, downloads, p2p downloads, and video streaming services.

The Nord VPN services are protected by military-grade encryption and support OpenVPN for MacOS and the latest protocol IKEv2/IPSec. IKEv2/IPSec is one of the latest addition to protocols for increased security and privacy with less impact on the speed of a connection. This is now supported for most devices.

Unlike many free VPN services, Nord does not save your activities in logs. No browsing activities, download or data is ever tracked by Nord VPN.

If you want to improve your anonymity you can use the double VPN Technology listed under speciality server section. This technology uses 2 servers to access information. The second server doesn’t have any access to your original IP address. The disadvantage is it may slow down your internet browsing.
You can also hide your computer from other systems in your local LAN network using Nord VPN.

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Another feature is Kill Switch. When the VPN connection is dropped, the Kill Switch automatically detect the disconnection and stop all online activities. This is very important if you want to make sure your identity stays anonymous at any cost.

There is also a new option called CyberSec. This feature allows Windows Mac OS and Android devices to block ads from web pages. It also prevents users from browsing suspicious site which might be used for downloading Malware, carries phishing pages or running a suspicious script.

NordVPN add-ons and Apps

To make the operating system, browser, and devices tune perfectly with the NordVPN services, add-ons and Apps are also released for these platforms.

Here is a list:

Nord VPN chrome extension called NordVPN Proxy Extension
NordVPN extension for Firefox
Nord VPN for Android
NordVPN for Windows
Nord VPN app for Mac download OpenVPN
NordVPN for iOS
Nord VPN for Android
NordVPN for Linux

NordVPN torrent download is also supported using services such as uTorrent or BitTorrent works perfectly with node VPN. This VPN also supports watching streaming videos. So if a video is not viewable in a country, change VPN location to a country which supports viewing that streaming video.

There are two ways to use NordVPN

Select from a Map

  • Open the Nord VPN server map.
  • Select a country from where you would like to do your online activities
  • From the list of markers, select one.
  • You will be automatically selected from one of the best performing options in that list.
  • Now you are connected to a new IP address. The details of the new IP address can also be seen.
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Select from a country

You are given a list of countries. Select a marker. The remaining process is the same as above.

The servers in the list are arranged in the order of best to worst. It is also recommended to use a server location which is nearest to your location. This ensures fast browsing performance.


Nord VPN free account is available to try for 3 days. If you like their plan, you can opt for yearly, bi-yearly, half yearly or monthly basis. Monthly pan starts at $11.95. If you get the bi-yearly plan, you can save 66% with just paying under $4 per month. There is also a 30-day money back guarantee if the VPN service is not up to your satisfaction.

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