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Opera Mini Fact Sheet

Opera Mini Fact Sheet

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Opera Mini is becoming one of the fastest and popular browser on mobile devices. The App is supported in Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices. It has a strong presence around the globe with more than 350 million users. Opera Mini claims it is the fastest browser, faster than even chrome and UC browser.

Here are some facts about Opera Mini

  1. Opera Mini is the fastest mobile browser eve faster than chrome and UC browser.
  2. Opera Mini browser is capable of compressing a webpage up to 90% of its original size using a technology called OBML. It means faster loading of webpages with less data consumption. This makes it ideal for users on budget limitations and slow internet connection speeds.
  3. Opera Mini is the first web browser to use video boost technology. The technology reduces size of video data resulting in smooth streaming of videos and less buffering time.
  4. Opera Mini also support offline browsing by downloading web contents from website.
  5. The browser also support private browsing mode which allow users to use the browser without leaving any traces of internet activities.
  6. Opera browser also have a download manager which allow the user to stop and resume downloads.
  7. Users can check how much data is consumed from data savings settings in settings section.
  8. The browser also needs less RAM for its operation which makes it ideal to install on even basic phones.
  9. It supports a long range of languages. As for India, it supports 13 Indian languages.
  10. There is a built in ad blocker. By blocking unwanted ads, Opera Mini downloads webpages 40% faster than with ads present. Blocking these ads also saves data consumption needed to download the ads.
  11. Similar to Opera Mini, there is Opera for Android, Opera Max, Opera VPN and Opera Apps Club.

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