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NordVPN Review – A Trusted and Respected VPN Service

review nordVPN

If you are looking for one of the most trusted and respected VPN Service, Nord VPN is the one for you. This Panama based company offers a whopping 4901 servers across 62 countries. The company also offers service to a variety of operating systems and devices such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android, Android [...]

Technology that will become a reality with 5G

5G future technologies

Aint it amazing to see the amount of data that is being consumed by our smart devices?  Take my case. I mostly use up 75% of free data offered on a daily basis from my service providers. 1.5 GB/day free data provided by 4G on my smartphone, 2GB/day from my ISP shared between my tablet [...]

Fix Windows Update Version 1803 error 0x800705b4

Windows 10 error 0x800705b4 Version 1803

This was a new laptop and it was a fresh installation of Windows 10. So I was not expecting any problem in installing these updates. The update is as big as 3 to 3.5GB, so it took a long time to download. When the installation started, it took a long time but the installation failed multiple [...]

Stellar Phoenix data recovery

Stellar Phoenix is one of the biggest names when it comes to data recovery. Their software Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is well known for its flexibility, ease of use and effectiveness in finding lost files. Stellar Phoenix software can do a normal search looking for deleted files such as photos, audio, video, office documents [...]

How to Sign Out Email Account Remotely

log out email account remotely

Have you been in a situation where you forgot to log out your email account on another device? It’s creepy to even think about someone opening your account and going through your personal emails. Fortunately, it is easy to come out of it if your email account is from Gmail or Yahoo Mail. Here is [...]

Portable Software vs Installed Software – Pros and Cons

installed software vs portable software pros and cons

Portable Software vs Installed Software – which is the right one for you? A client recently asked for my opinion. So here are some points which might help you make a decision for yourselves. The software can be used in two different ways. An Installed Software needs to go through the process of installing in [...]

troubleshoot windows 10 lock screen not working

Windows 10 background slideshow seems to have stopped working in my computer after installing the latest 1308 update. It was only displaying one picture. The fix is simple. Here is how to Fix Windows 10 Lock screen slideshow not working. Windows spotlight is responsible for showing background pictures on your screen. The program also seems to [...]

mozilla thunderbird profile

Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the most popular free email clients in the market. Recently, there were rumors of plans to wind up the Thunderbird program by Mozilla because of the overbearing cost of maintaining the project. But it seems they may continue to support the software after requests from software users and the development [...]

Twitter wants users to change passwords

twitter users change password

Twitter now wants users to change their passwords. The announcement comes after a bug was found in their internal systems. The bug caused Twitter’s internal server to save the login credentials in plain text rather than in unrecognizable form. Twitter reiterated that there is no evidence that the unprotected login credentials had been stolen or [...]

microsoft edge browser

Microsoft launched its brand-new browser, Microsoft Edge with the release of Windows 10. In March 2015, Microsoft announced the release of IE version 11 and confirmed that it will be the last update for Internet Explorer. Microsoft is slowly wrapping up support for Internet Explorer and encouraging users to use Edge over Internet Explorer. However, [...]