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PicPick – Best Software for taking Screenshots

PicPick - Best Software for taking Screenshots

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Taking screenshots is something that everybody does quite often than they used to do in the old days. Most users like to take screenshots of payments, bills, receipt just to keep it as evidence so that they won’t get burned in case of any transaction issues.

There are tools like Windows own native Snipping Tool and Snip & Sketch App from Microsoft Store. The problem, however, is that you need to take multiple screenshots to capture the entire document or webpage.

PicPick is one of those compact mini-tools that you might not want to put away after a single try. The freeware is aimed at graphic designers, web designers, and image editors, but is also interesting for other users who regularly take snapshots of the screen or a section.

Taking snapshots of the entire screen contents is also possible by getting the image out of the memory using the [Print] or [Alt] + [Print] button. This method is cumbersome because, after each screenshot, you need to open an image editor, then dump the image inside the memory using [Ctrl] + [V]. But this method is not very flexible. It is not easy to select a portion of the screen to edit and if there is any need to add any additional markers.

PicPick allows snapshots of the entire screen, the current window, and selected areas. Once the desired area has been captured, it can be corrected, optimized or alienated directly in PicPick. Editing the created screenshots is relatively easy due to the intuitive operation of PicPick. The user has a screen ruler as well as a number of basic image editing features such as sharpening or blurring.
picpick software inside
PickPic also acts as a desktop ruler, color picker, color picker, crosshair cursor, and protractor. The tool also serves well as a whiteboard. When not in use, the software disappears into the systray.

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PikPick is freeware for private use, commercial users must purchase a license.

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