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Reasons for Computer getting disconnected from Internet

internet getting disconnected frequently

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Reading Time: 4 minutes

There are multiple reasons for your computer to get disconnected from internet. Sometimes, the issue is so simple that a simple restart can fix the problem. In complicated cases, you need to follow a step by step logical troubleshooting to narrow down the culprit. Once you narrow down the problem, work on it to the get the problem fixed. In this article, you have the detailed step by step logical troubleshooting to fix internet connection problems. Follow the steps. If one step didn’t work, go to the next step. Follow the steps till you get the problem solved.

  1. Check the LED lights on the Modem

You need to check the lights on the modem. Check if there is a green light indicating the DSL and internet Line. I hardly doubt if someone is using phone modem. Whatever modem you use, check if the right LED lights are On. If not, there might be a problem.


  • Turn off all devices related to your internet connection including Modem and Router. You will be surprised to see how a simple turning on and off can fix most of the internet connection issues. Keep it turned off for 2-3mts. This is to allow power to drain off completely to enable proper power cycling. Turn it on and check if the right lights are back on.
  • Check if the cables are properly connected. You never know, a simple push or change in position can lead to loose contact. Check the cable from telephone line is properly connected. If the internet connection is wired, check if the cables are connected properly to sockets inside the computer.
  • If the right LED lights are not coming back after following these steps, contact your ISP immediately.
  1. Check if internet connection problem is only with a computer or a device

If the modem and router status is fine, it’s time to confirm if the problem is only with a computer or device. If you have an additional tablet or smartphone, try connecting internet to these devices. If they can connect, you can confirm the problem is with your computer. But if multiple devices are not able to connect internet, this might still be an ISP problem. You need to contact them.

  1. Check if internet connection problem is browser related

Check status of internet in multiple browsers. For e.g. if you have google chrome or Mozilla Firefox, check the status of internet on these browsers. If it works well in one browser and not the other, this might be a browser related problem. You need to concentrate on fixing the browser problem.

  1. Check if hardware is properly installed

It rarely happens that all of a sudden, the network adapter stops working as it got corrupted. But it is still a possibility. Check the device manager for any signs of problem.

  • Press Windows Key + R for the Run window. Type devmgmt.msc. This will open Device Manager window which display the list of all devices connected to your computer.
  • Check if there is a yellow exclamation or red cross on any entries under the Network Adapter. If no, there are no problems with network adapter.
  • If there is a red cross, it simply means the device is disabled. Right click on it and enable the device.
  • If it is a yellow exclamation, it indicate the network driver is corrupted. Right click on it and click Uninstall. Restart the computer. The right device driver for that network adapter gets installed automatically. If you still have a yellow exclamation, you need to find the right device driver for the device and install it.
  1. Check if Firewall is messing with internet connection

If things haven’ worked till now, check if there is a possibility of firewall not blocking the internet connection. This can happen. At times, the firewall inside security software may mistakenly block internet access for hacker attack. Try the steps to check if this is a Firewall problem.

  • Go to security software settings and disable Firewall. You can also get to control panel and make sure the default windows Firewall is also turned off, just to be sure.If you are able to go online after disabling Firewall, this is definitely a Firewall problem.
  • Go to Firewall settings, click on Load Default option or an option similar to that. Loading default settings should unblock the accidental block on your internet connection.
    (Sometimes even disabling Firewall don’t actually disable Firewall. This is common if the installed security software is corrupted or left invalid as the subscription period is over. If you suspect your security software is not working properly, uninstall it. You can always re-install it back once the problem is fixed.)
  1. Check after resetting IP and winsock

This has worked wonders for me in the past. Some of the worst cases which seems unsolvable could be solved just by running this command.

  • Open command prompt with administrator privilege. Try the steps in the following order.
    ipconfig /flushdns
    netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt
    netsh winsock reset
  • Restart computer and check if the problem is fixed.
  1. Check Internet connection settings

Check if the internet connection settings are properly configured.

  • Press Windows Key + R for Run Window. Type inetcpl.cpl for Internet Options window
  • Go to Connection tab, click on LAN settings
  • Uncheck Automatically detect settings. (If that was already unchecked, try with giving it a check this time.)
  • Uncheck Use automatic configuration script (Unless you are using VPN connection or specialized software for faster internet, this field should be empty)
  • Uncheck or remove if there is any entry under Proxy server.

Now check if the internet is working. If you doubt the settings listed is not right, cross check with ISP if the settings are right.

  1. Check for error messages

Check for error messages like DNS server not responding, certificate error, unable to connect internet etc. Take clue from these errors and do the troubleshooting accordingly.

Next time when there is no internet connection, try the steps in this order. I hope this article was helpful. I would like to know your experience in getting the problem fixed. Use the comment section for any queries or give feedback.

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    Method 6 is warking and problem solved….
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