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Remove Snap.do Malware

Remove Snap.do Malware

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Reading Time: 2 minutes

Snap.do is a malware which hijack web browsers to its own search engine. Once the user accidentally install the malware, it change the home page to search.snap.do. So every time the user open web browser it will be taken to its own search engine.

Unsuspecting users may use the search engine. This allow the malware developers to capture personal information and browser habits of the user, which can be used for their own benefits. Sometimes going to the search link may lead to downloading malicious content without consent.

Snap.do malware takes control of web browsers by getting itself installed in the form of browser add-ons, BHO’s (Browser Helper Objects) and extensions. So the trick is to remove these browser additions which may be attached to IE, Firefox or Chrome.

Procedure to remove Snap.do malware

  • Go to Control Panel -> Programs and Features. Check the list of programs installed in your computer. Mainly, check for Snap.do, Safe Finder Protector or Smart bar. Also, if you find a suspicious program or toolbar listed there, uninstall it.
  • Search for Smartbar.Installer.Mini which is an executable file. Remove it. Usually this can be found in Downloads folder.
  • In Chrome, go to menu -> Settings ->Search -> Manage search engines -> Go to the entry related to Snap.do or smart bar or safe finder and then delete them. After removing the malicious entry, select your favorite search engine as default. Go to Settings again -> On startup -> click Set pages -> if there is any corrupted entry set there, remove it and add your favorite home page.
  • In IE, click the internet options (gear icon on top right corner) -> Internet Options -> Programs -> Manage add-ons. Disable any add-ons or extensions related to Snap.do, Safe Finder Protector or Smart bar. If there is any additional suspicious entry, disable it too as they might also be responsible for the problem. Click on Search Providers, remove if there is any malicious entry. Then select your favorite search engine as the default search provider. Then change the home page by once again going to Internet Options -> General -> HomePage. Change the home page to your site of choice.
  • Open Firefox, click on Manage Search Engine (Window next to home page). Repeat the same for Firefox. Remove if there are any malicious entries and then change the default search engine to your favorite one. Then go to Settings -> General -> Change the HomePage to your preferred ones.
  • This step is not compulsory, but I highly recommend using Ccleaner to clean unwanted files. This can also help in removing left over files from this infection.

Hope this will help you remove Snap.do Malware. Good Luck.

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