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Requirement for a 3D Gaming PC

requirements 3d-gaming-pc

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Home theaters and TV are now equipped with 3D TV, so is your chance to change your PC to a 3D gaming PC.

Here are the requirements for a 3D Gaming PC

Monitor with 3D support

3d monitor featuresThis might be the most expensive equipment in a 3D Gaming PC. Since the result is projected on the monitor, you need to find the right model which suits right to your requirement and budget.
3D monitors use two types of 3D technology – Active and Passive.
Active 3D technology use battery operated special glasses which rapidly opens and close the shutter. The trick is, data meant for left eye is blocked from right and vice versa. First, the left eye receives the data and then the right. They are aligned in such a way that it trigger a 3D illusion. The only job for the TV is just to make sure there is a refresh rate of 60 frames per second which most modern TVs are capable.

Active 3D glasses are bulky, expensive and need a power source to operate. This may not be a great choice if the 3D is meant for lot of people to be watched at the same time. Since the image is blocked alternately, it might make it look dimmer. But they show more detailed images compared to Passive 3D.

Passive 3D gives you the same experience that you get from watching a 3D movie on theater. Passive 3D glasses are light weight and inexpensive. The only disadvantage is that your eye can only see part of the image. The precision is less with a Passive 3D glass.

Active 3D is considered superior in technology since it displays the screen is displayed at full resolution at a full frame rate.
For monitor, you need to choose between a monitor for Active and Passive 3D.

3D Graphics Card

3d graphics card requirementApart from having a powerful CPU, you need to have a separate powerful Graphics card. Onboard GPU’s are not powerful enough to give the full effect of 3D images. The main technologies involved in 3D technology for a graphics card are Nvidia’s 3D Vision system and AMD’s HD3D. Most of Nvidia’s card has got technology incorporated in most of their models, but make sure to check for HD3D and TriDef for AMD.

If the graphics card manufacturer is providing their own 3D glasses, it might save you money for buying one separately. Also, you have less possibility of having any 3D display related issues.

3D capable Video Cable

3d capable video cable requirement

In order to support 3D signals, your HDMI should be version 1.4 or above. Most modern monitors have support for HDMI 1.4. The latest version is HDMI 2.0.

3D Vision Glass

3d capable video cable requirement

It depends on whether you choose the Active or Passive 3D technology. For Passive 3D technology, any polarized glass will be enough. You can get variety of models to choose from. For Active 3D, you need to get the glasses compatible for the higher frame rate of the monitor. Some manufacturers provide one along with buying a monitor. You can also use a 3D vision kit from Nvidia which comes with a USB chargeable shutter glasses and IR emitter which can be used to turn it on or off and change the depth of 3D effect.

Apart from this, you might need to install some softwares provided by the hardware manufacturer or game developers which will further enhance the 3D gaming experience.

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  • Caleb June 5, 2014, 2:17 pm

    The 3-dimensional capabilities only enhance the users experience when partaking in 3D PC gaming. It is definitely something that all PC gaming enthusiasts need to experience.

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