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Restart Explorer without using Task Manager

Restart Explorer without Task Manager

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We all come across situations when we are forced to restart computer. Sometimes, the software or hardware problems in computer might cause it to completely freeze and there is nothing much we can do, other than restarting computer to start all over again. Then, there is the possibility of software installation, registry edit or a software or OS update which needs restart for the changes to get applied.

Restarting computer is not always a pleasant experience. Some computers are painfully slow during startup, sometimes there are files that are not saved yet and restarting will result in losing the file.

One way to deal with it is to restart explorer.exe using Task Manager

  • Press CTRL+ Alt + Del (or Ctrl + Shift + Esc) to get the option for opening task manager
  • Under the Processes Tab, look for explorer.exe or Windows Explorer
  • Right click and select the option End Task
    This will end the explorer process. Some softwares and windows processes which use Windows explorer is forced to shut down which is almost like restarting computer.
  • Now open task manager again, click File, click Run Task, type explorer.exe and click OK

This will now restart explorer window. Now you can start using windows normally.

At times, I did notice that opening Task Manager takes long time. This might be because of corrupt files, compatibility issues or even virus or malware attack. So here is how to restart explorer without using Task Manager.

  • For Windows 8, press Ctrl + Shift, then click on empty space in Task Manager. Now click Exit Explorer.
  • For Windows 7 and Vista, Click on Start Button, keep pressing Ctrl + Shift, then right click on empty space under Help and Support. Now click on Exit Explorer.

Now open Task Manager and type explorer.exe to get the windows back.

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