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Samsung A50 Review and Buyer’s Guide

Samsung A50 Buyers Guide

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The Samsung Galaxy A series of smartphones is positioned as a cross between the budget Galaxy J and the flagship Galaxy S. At the moment, the line includes A70, A50, A40, and A20E models, which means the Galaxy A50 is a mid-range smartphone. Here is an article on Samsung A50 Review and Buyer’s Guide.

Samsung A50 Design

The phone case is made of plastic, fingerprints and stains instantly appear on the gloss. And you will have to save yourself from scratches with the help of a cover, or just don’t pay attention to them and enjoy how the light plays on the glossy shell.

Why didn’t you use glass? I suspect that it is all about saving. But most importantly, the Galaxy A50 feels good and thorough in the hand. Still, the line in the sensations between glass and plastic is thin, the first time you do not always understand. Why not metal? Apparently, the fashion for aluminum cases in the past, now in the trends gradient colors and shine.

Made of plastic with a 3D effect, so there is no way to distinguish it from glass. The same beautiful overflows, a polished surface, except that it is scratched faster, and weighs much lighter. For their dimensions, the Samsung Galaxy A30 and A50 are very lightweight, even unusual.

The plastic is slippery, you should buy a cover if you are afraid for safety. Changing a cracked plastic back will come out much cheaper than replacing glass, which is also a plus for low-cost models.

A display with a diagonal of 6.4 inches and an aspect ratio of 19.5: 9 occupies almost the entire front panel, both smartphones have a neat little drop with a front camera, which is much better than wide bangs – more information is placed. The lower edge is also minimal, the ratio of the screen to the body – as much as 85%.

The plastic comes in 3 colors – black, blue and white.

Samsung A50 Screen

Samsung installs AMOLED displays on affordable smartphones. One of these is the Galaxy A50, whose display has high brightness and good color reproduction. According to the indications X-Rite i1Pro 2, the limiting averages brightness 628 cd / m 2 when the light sensor. For rivals, the brightness is 7% – 16% lower, the uniformity of illumination is the same for almost everyone. The worst in these characteristics was the Moto G7 Plus. When disconnecting the illumination sensor maximum brightness is limited to 200 cd / m 2.

AMOLED displays are capable of achieving high contrast, thanks to the ability to disable any single pixel. The colors on the A50 screen are really juicy and, subjectively, the contrast is excellent.

As in older flagship models, there are various display options and profiles. In the Simple profile, the best color accuracy is achieved, and with the Movie profile, the picture loses volume. Deviations DeltaE in the second case above. In general, the A50 has excellent color reproduction, but it is worse than the Galaxy A7 (2018). However, the difference in the eye is almost impossible to see.

The display covers most of the AdobeRGB and DCI P3 spaces and has full sRGB coverage. According to CalMAN, there is minimal blue haze.

Even in bright sunny weather, the Galaxy A50’s screen remains readable. The light sensor must be turned on, but in any case, the picture will be a little pale.

The viewing angles are excellent, which is typical for AMOLED displays. We did not notice a change in brightness and contrast even with a strong deviation from the standard position.

Samsung A50 Processing Power

The Galaxy A50 is the first smartphone on the Exynos 9610

Samsung has equipped the smartphone with the proprietary Exynos 9610 chipset, which is produced with the 10-nm process technology. The processor is Octa-core: four Cortex-A73 cores and four Cortex-A53 cores, which are capable of operating at 2.3 GHz and 1.7 GHz respectively.

Exynos 9610 is 20% superior to the previous Exynos 7885 in the previous model and also beats Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 in Moto G7 Plus and Nokia 7.1. Web pages load quickly, scrolling is always smooth. Heavy sites with lots of HTML5 elements do not slow down. The touch screen and position sensors work smoothly and timely respond to user actions. However, the brainchild of Samsung has no chance against the flagship Mi 9 with Snapdragon 855.

The Exynos 9610 integrates ARM Mali-G72 MP3 graphics, which should have increased performance relative to the ARM Mali-G71 MP2 in the Exynos 7885. The Mali-G72 MP3 supports all modern APIs, therefore it is sufficiently charged for the coming years. Exynos 9610 Chipset and integrated graphics ARM Mali-G72 MP3 can easily handle most modern games.

In the idle state, the heating of the case never exceeds 30 ° C. Under load in several areas, the temperature exceeds 40 ° C, and in one place reaches 42.9 ° C. It turns out that the smartphone is hot, but only under maximum load.

A50 looks much more attractive: there are options with 4 and 6 GB of RAM and up to 128 GB of internal memory,

Samsung A50 Camera

Samsung A50 Buyers GuideGalaxy A50 comes with a triple main camera which has not changed much since the Galaxy A7 (2018). The Samsung Galaxy A50 has a triple camera: 25MP with autofocus (F1.7) main, + 5MP without autofocus (F2.2) for portraits and bokeh + 8MP without autofocus (F2.2) – ultra wide-angle.

The resolution of the front camera and the main photosensor in the main camera increased by 1 MP and now amounts to 25 MP. The aperture at the main camera is behind f / 1.7, the viewing angle is 78 degrees. Due to the wide aperture, the camera is sensitive to light and should shoot well in the evening. The wide-angle camera in the main module still has a resolution of 8 MP and a viewing angle of 123 degrees. The third auxiliary camera is used to determine the depth of field and create beautiful portrait shots with a blurred background.

Unfortunately, the 25-megapixel front camera does not have autofocus, so you will have to position the camera at a certain distance so that objects in the frame do not blur. For this reason, the A50 cannot be called a smartphone for selfies.

The Samsung A50 does not have the best camera, but the cost is only a third of the price of the Galaxy S10 +. The smartphone is capable of taking impressive pictures in low light which is better than OnePlus 6T under similar conditions. However, with the Apple iPhone XS Max in these conditions, it is not easy to compete with almost any other smartphone.

Samsung A50 Connectivity

Samsung A50 comes with support for dual SIM. There is also an additional slot for inserting the SD card.

Samsung A50 Battery Life

The battery capacity in the smartphone is 4000 mAh. A50 has a 15W adapter.it takes almost two hours to fully charge with a complete power adapter.

There is always enough charge for a day, and with relatively restrained use of the phone, you can hold out all weekend.

There is always enough charge for a day, and with relatively restrained use of the phone, you can hold out all weekend.

Samsung A50 Warranty and Price

The Galaxy A50 comes with a USB cable, a SIM tray eject tool, and headphones.
The warranty period for a smartphone is 2 years, and for a battery – 1 year.

Samsung A50 Conclusion

The Samsung Galaxy A50 is a great mid-range smartphone. The phone gives you a near premium experience on a mid-sized budget.

The presence of ultra-wide camera which never comes in the low and medium budget phone is an added advantage. The large and excellent battery life and the beautiful Android Pie UI are also great features.

The fingerprint sensor performance is a big turn down for the phone. The processor Exynos 9610 is powerful, but not tweaked to the best in this phone model. Selfie cameras need improvement as it lacks an autofocus feature.

Overall, Samsung A50 is definitely worth the buy for what it cost.

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