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Setup Windows 10 Dynamic Screen Lock using Bluetooth connection

Setup Dynamic Screen Lock in Windows 10

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It is very easy to lock Windows. Just use the keyword combination Win + L to lock the Windows. To unlock, hit the Enter key or Ctrl + Alt + Del combination to get the login screen. Then enter the password and continue working. The method is very straight forward, but not perfect.

Problems with normal Windows Screen Lock

  • Entering the password can be annoying if you have to frequently step away from your computer for shorter periods.
  • You get locked out for forgetting the password.
  • You may forget locking the screen before stepping out.

The login method needs to be much more flexible. The answer is configuring a Dynamic screen lock.

What is Dynamic Screen Lock in Windows?

Windows 10 offers a dynamic screen lock feature that uses a Bluetooth connection to detect a person and allow computer access. The feature allows a PC or Notebook to keep the screen open as long as the Bluetooth device is within the range. Once the user moves out of the range, the screen is automatically locked. When the user return, the screen automatically unlocks the login screen.

Pre-requisites for using Dynamic Screen Lock

  • The PC or Laptop/ Notebook should have a Bluetooth connection. Most modern Laptops and Notebooks by default have a Bluetooth connection. PC’s may not have a Bluetooth connection. You may have to invest in a Bluetooth dongle.
  • Smartphone, Smartwatch or any device that you carry around and have a Bluetooth connection can be used as unlocking the screen.

How to setup Dynamic Screen Lock

To set up the dynamic screen locks, the Windows computer must first be paired with the mobile phone via Bluetooth.

  1. Under Windows 10, go to the Settings page
  2. click on Devices
  3. Click to Add Bluetooth or other device.  Enable the function and then connect the computer to your mobile phone.
    Setup Dynamic Screen Lock using Bluetooth connection
  4. When the two devices are connected, go back to the Settings page
  5. click Accounts -> Sign-in options
  6. Scroll down to Dynamic Lock
    Windows 10 Settings Dynamic Screen Lock
  7. Enable the option Allow Windows to automatically lock your device while you’re away

It may take a moment for the computer and smartphone to connect. Once connected, If you leave your PC/Laptop, Windows get locked automatically in about 30 seconds. When you come back, you will no longer need to type in a password.

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