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Some Facts about Microsoft SkyDrive

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SkyDrive is Microsoft’s brand of real estate in cloud computing. Here are some facts about SkyDrive.

SkyDrive is MS Office Compatible

With you SkyDrive account you can edit all Microsoft Documents using your web browser. This is applicable to free account as well. Imagine this situation. You have some word and excel files loaded in your SkyDrive account. You then came up with a situation where you have to open these files on a computer which don’t have MS Office software installed. Don’t worry. Login to SkyDrive account using your browser. Open the files you want to edit in SkyDrive mode and select edit documents menu. You will be able to edit any word, excel, PowerPoint and other type of Microsoft documents.

Cross Platform Access

The SkyDrive is not only for Windows PC, but it can also be accessed from Mac machines, any Smartphones (iPhone, Android or Windows Phone) or tablets (iPad, Android or Windows Phone). You can download the respective apps for SkyDrive and use it to connect to your account. If you don’t want to download any apps for SkyDrive, you can simply use a browser to go to your SkyDrive account.

SkyDrive Recycle Bin

SkyDrive’s recycle bin works similar to the one in your windows desktop. But there are some differences.  When you delete the files and send it to skydrive’s recycle bin, the space occupied these files will not be counted. But Microsoft guarantee that these files will be preserved and remain in recycle bin for 30 days and then only will be removed. But again, there is a catch. If your SkyDrive recycle bin size keeps growing up and reach larger than 10% of maximum allowed space, then it will start removing older files.

Upload limits on SkyDrive

The upload size limit for uploading a single file is 2GB using the SkyDrive desktop application. If you are trying to upload a file using browser, then the size limit is 300MB. This will be problematic if you are trying to upload bigger media files. The upload limit may increase in the future, but this is the stats for the time being.

Support for Multi User editing

You can save the files in your SkyDrive account and allow your friends or colleagues to work on it simultaneously. All the changes made by everyone will be synchronized automatically. The process is very simple. Ask all the collaborators to use the Office Web Apps in SkyDrive and you will be ready for using the multi user editing.

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