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Sony A8F Smart OLED TV Review

Sony A8F Smart OLED TV review

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Sony just released 2nd generation 4K OLED television Sony A8F. The television is almost the same as its predecessor Sony A1 series. The main difference is its design. The new flat screen Television design is an amazing work of art which oozes class, carries a soft minimalistic approach, very stylish and epic sound quality.

Sony A8F Screen

The television is available in 55-inch and 65-inch screen sizes. The screen supports Ultra HD 4k resolution of 3840*2160 pixels.

The A8F model is slimmer compared to the previous A1 models. The electronics circuitry behind the screen is spread out across the scene uniformly to enable further thinning of the screen.Sony A8F Smart OLED TV review

Its predecessor A1 series used a TV stand which leans the screen a little back up to 5 degrees. In A8F the stand now has a pedestal in the middle to keep the screen stable and upright. The new design reduced the backward leaning up to 2 degrees. The difference is hardly noticeable even from a vertical position sitting on a sofa or from a standing position. The pedestal is just 255mm deep which can be placed easily on top of a rack or stand with not much surface area.
Sony A8F Smart OLED TV reviewFor wall mounting, the A-frame is now just 76mm from the wall compared to 107mm A-frame used by A1 model. The television looks better seated in the wall. The monitor classic design aesthetics makes it easier to accommodate with existing furniture.

The One Slate Design of the television leaves you nothing much to look around apart the screen. A tiny logo is placed in the corner.
Sony A8F Smart OLED TV review

Sony A8F Image Processor

Sony A8F picture quality is jaw-dropping. The screen uses the flagship 4K HDR X81 extreme image processor for processing pictures which is the same as in A1. The AI extreme checks the signals and optimizes for display on the panel. The dynamic tone mapping for HDR feature is used to display brightness and colour effectively on the screen.
Sony A8F Smart OLED TV review TriluminousIf there is any disadvantage for this amazing screen, it is the performance for Gaming. In standard preset, the image lag is around 100ms. Switching preset to gaming, the image lag drops to around 45ms. A hardcore gamer who won’t compromise on the tiniest details would prefer this lag to go around 30ms for the best gaming experience.

Sony A8F sound

Sony A8F sound quality is absolutely amazing just like the A1 models. It uses Acoustic Surface technology to deliver audio just like its predecessor. This means the entire screen itself is responsible for the Audio. This is only possible with OLED screens. The front-facing panel invisibly vibrates to produce sound. The viewer can’t see these vibrations as they are delivered in mid-range to high range frequencies which are too fast for the human eye. The stereo transducers at the rear of the panel complemented by two woofers deliver the mid range sounds.

Sony A8F Connectors

The television is well connected. There are 4 HDCP 2.2 ready 4K HDMI 2.0 input slot, 3 USB 3.1 slot, headphone out, mini Jack input, optical digital audio output, and a wireless Ethernet to connect Wi-Fi. With support for all these connections, the minimalistic design gives it a very clean uncluttered look.

Sony A8F TV Software

Sony A8F use Android TV for software. It’s easy to integrate television and Android devices. The Android TV settings can be configured using Android Phones or Tablets. For eg. Configure your YouTube Account playlist to show in the Television using a smartphone rather than using a default playlist which plays randomly selected videos.

Sony A8F Remote control

Not much change has been made to the remote compared to its predecessor. No new features are added compared to the earlier version which might explain no change in design. Considering rivals Samsung and LG are coming up with fancier remotes, Sony could have made some changes in design.

Room view Sony A8F TV
Conclusion: Sony A8F will be a great addition to your home. You will be amazed by the amazing picture and superb sound quality.

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