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Speed up device after OS X Yosemite upgrade

Speed up device after OS X Yosemite upgrade

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Your Mac, iPad or iPhone can get slow after doing an OS X Yosemite upgrade. This is a common occurrence as there can be multiple reasons as to why the device is slow. Here are some steps that you may try on device to speed up performance. This can be tried on older device as well, where you can see a change in performance.

Follow these steps in the order to speed up device after OS X Yosemite upgrade

  1. Remove Startup Entries

Too many application on the desktop can lead to a slower performance. Go to System Performance -> Users & Groups. Now select the login items that you need and don’t need. Lesser the login items, better your system performance

  1. Clean Hard Disk

Hard disk can get full after a certain period of time. Check the amount of free space in your hard disk. A thumb rule is to make sure at least 10% of hard disk is free for the operating system to run smoothly.

  • Go to the launch pad icon, hold down the Apps icon, click on the X button to delete the App.
  • If the App does not have a delete button, go to Finder sidebar, click applications. If the App is located inside folder, open it and check for an uninstaller which will guide you through rest of the process to remove App.
  • If there is no uninstaller, drag the App from the folder to the Trash.
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If you have documents, pictures and music files move some of them to an external disk or upload to cloud as backup.

  1. Get rid of animations

Animations and special effects take additional processing power and RAM, thus slowing down your device further especially if it is an old device.  Go to System Preferences -> Dock and disable Magnification and the animation for opening an App.

Transparency effect can also slow down your computer. Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility and then choose increase contrast. Then switch to Reduce Transparency.

  1. Reset or Restore

This is the last step to try if your device is still slow. Even after following all the above steps, there are still plenty of reasons that can go wrong. There is still the possibility of corrupted Apps or corrupted Operating system and pin pointing the problem can be time consuming and not always fixable.

First, take backup as an insurance against losing files by accident. Then restore the OS to original manufacturer settings.

Hope these tips will help you in speeding up your device.

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