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Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – The Ultimate data recovery software

Stellar Phoenix data recovery

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Stellar Phoenix is one of the biggest names when it comes to data recovery. Their software Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is well known for its flexibility, ease of use and effectiveness in finding lost files.

Stellar Phoenix software can do a normal search looking for deleted files such as photos, audio, video, office documents etc. Apart from the file, you can also search for deleted folders.

Stellar Phoenix software comes with a lot of advanced features. One of the most useful features is the ability to see a preview of the file before trying to recover it. This allows software users to find specific files rather than trying to retrieve the entire folder to search for the file.

Another advanced feature is the option to search for a specific file based on its name or file extension. It also has the option to specify subcategories such as documents, media, videos etc.

If the scan is incomplete, stellar software keeps a copy of the log files. This help the software to start from when it was let off. This feature is very important if you are scanning a computer with a lot of files. Some of the scans can take a lot of time depending on the number of files and also hard disk size.
Another major feature of the software is the ability to retrieve lost partition. Now, this is not a feature which is common for all data recovery software especially the free ones.

It can also help you recover data from a disc image. This feature is useful photos who won big business or in the habit of saving backups in disc images.

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Finally, if you are not able to retrieve a file using the normal scan, then you have the option to retrieve the file using a deep scan. Deep scans are time-consuming as the scan thoroughly examines the hard disk to find any minute trace of lost file. So, these scans are tried only as a final step.

The only problem with Stellar data recovery software is that the pro version is very expensive. It is even expensive than its competitor DM Disk Editor standard, MiniTool Partition recovery and Recuva Pro. But if the value of lost data is more than the price, it is better to buy the software.

If there is doubt if Stellar Data Recovery software is worth buying, try the free version. Download the free version from their official page. Run a scan and check if you can see the preview of the file that you are looking for. The free version only shows the file, but not retrieving it. If the software can show the preview of a lost file, then it should be able to recover it.

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