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Syrp Genie Mini Review

Syrp-Genie-Mini review

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Syrp Genie Mini is a Motion Control System which can be used with digital SLR cameras, system cameras and smartphones. The advantages of the Genie Mini are its functionality, coupled with the size and the connection to the smartphone. These points convinced me of the genius mini during the trial period. Thus, the small and handy controller barely eats space in the camera bag and an additional charger is not necessary, because I can easily load it via MicroUSB, an adapter I carry with me anyway. I’ve used the Syrp Genius Mini for moving pan shots, I’ve screwed the controller on the tripod head adapter and then directly on the Sony Alpha 6000 system camera. It would also be possible to mount a tripod head on the controller itself, depending on which setup you wish.

Syrp Genie Mini Technical specifications

Max Speed:  360 ° in 31s
Minimum Resolution: – 0.011 °
Maximum load of up to 8 kg
USB charging: 5V 0.5A DC
Charging time: about 3 hours
Battery life: 40+ h in timelapse mode and 5+ h in video mode
Dimensions: 92 x 40 mm

The Syrp Genie Mini needs to be charged for about 3 hours to be at 100% battery power. Then he is ready to use, just connect the Genie mini with the appropriate GenieApp (iOS, Android ) via Bluetooth. For this I do not do any great tutorial, the app leads you through the process. Pretty easy and self-explanatory. After that you are connected to the Syrp Genie Mini via smartphone, the camera is mounted on the controller and connected to the trigger cable. Before you get started, it’s best to start a fast-motion capture quickly and see that everything works with external triggering. If you have already worked with remote controls, this should not be a problem for you, otherwise, try it at home before you start your setup – a little tip from me.

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In the app, you have then actually two main menu points (let’s leave community times): Same timelapse and video. There are some presets to choose from in both modes, such as Timelapse: People, Clouds, Stars, Night Traffic, GoPro People and GoPro Clouds. The presets differ mainly in points trigger interval, from the recording time, is then calculated directly the playback time, a nice feature. So if you record time-lapse sequences for 30 minutes, it will be 12 seconds of video footage, for example.

Syrp-Genie-Mini reviewThe most important is still the adjustment of the movement in degrees, for example in 50 ° swivel. This is done in the defined recording time, with a little slowed down approach and finish. At the beginning of the recording, you can start quickly at the beginning and end point, the engine pans the camera to the position. So you can once again quickly look through the finder and verify the two position, then the recording can be started. Lighting time, ISO and so on are taken over by the camera, it is simply important to ensure that the recording time and the trigger interval of the controller do not overlap

With the video mode, you can easily and quickly execute precise pans at a constant speed. Again, you have presets, but it is strongly recommended to experiment with something because after the focal length of the lens pans look very fast too extreme and then make no fun when viewing. Primarily, however, I have bought the Genie Mini for fast motion and know its mode much better. Below is a short clip with footage of it. As mentioned, the used camera is a Sony Alpha 6000.

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Back in the video of the circus Knie, I did all the panning in post-processing, because I did not have such a controller. Now, this is possible without and you do not lose any additional footage. Convenient is the simple and clear operation via the app and the same controller takes over the complete release of the camera. I really like that so far, so if you enjoy and have fun with time-lapse recordings, I can really recommend the Syrp Genie Mini to you.

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