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Technology that will become a reality with 5G

5G future technologies

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Aint it amazing to see the amount of data that is being consumed by our smart devices?  Take my case. I mostly use up 75% of free data offered on a daily basis from my service providers. 1.5 GB/day free data provided by 4G on my smartphone, 2GB/day from my ISP shared between my tablet and laptop, almost 2 GB every day from my broadband unlimited shared between my PC and smart TV.

4G mobile technology had a big impact on how people interact with each other. It has totally changed our lifestyle. Gone are the days when people come home from work, then spend the rest of time watching movies, sports or news sitting at home.

With a very fast internet connection, everything changed. Instead of watching TV new at a certain time, you can now get all the updates live as text, audio, video or as alerts.

Have you have stood in the queue recently to buy movie tickets? Do you like shopping online? When was the last time you were worried about the route to take to a certain location? When was the last time you wished if you could see the person on the other side? Have you booked food online?

The use of Apps in Smartphone has made our good much easier.

Think about it. If you have the plan to travel either by train bus or plane, you can book the ticket right from your smartphone. You can even see the live arrival, departure and current position status from your smartphone.

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Messengers like WhatsApp enabled users to communicate via text and videos. No need to worry about free SMS left in your account. You can even live stream meeting with your friends on video calls.

More devices are getting smart by connecting to the internet. Instead of downloading and watching a movie on your PC screen, you can now live stream HD movie and watch it in your big LED screen television.

Now Think. If our life has changed so much after the 4G Technology, have you imagined what it will be like when 5G technology is introduced? To understand better, you need to know more about 5G.

Some facts about 5G technology

If 3G to 4G is considered a big jump, it is nothing compared to the improvement in 5G compared to four g. 5G is very fast than 4G. 5G internet speed can go up to a hundred times faster on a typical home broadband. It is almost 20 times faster than the existing 4G technology.

Some of the common 4G networks are 4G+, LTE or 4.5G. It can deliver speed up to 300 megabits per second. In 5G the speed goes to an excess of 1 gigabit per second. With 5G speed, you can download a full HD movie in less than 10 seconds. 4G takes around 10 minutes.

Technology that will become a reality with 5G

Once the 5G Technology becomes a reality internet of things IoT (Internet of Things) will overtake Technologies such a Smartphone. Smarthome devices such as Alexa and Google home will become much popular. By 2023, Ericsson predicts there will be 30 trillion devices connected around the world. Out of which 20 million will be devices coming under IoT category.

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The biggest boost from 5G will be in the field of artificial intelligence.

Autonomous car is another sector that will benefit from this technology.  In the future, every car will become a data center on wheels which will help the self-driving Cars to make real-time in-situ decisions. Intelligent robots and smart decision-making devices that we used to see in sci-fi movies will soon be a reality. Not only that, they will be more integrated in our day to day life than the smart devices now.

When will 5G becomes a reality

5G technology is just around the corner. The technology is going through final finishing touches both in hardware and standardizing protocols and standards to follow. The technology is expected to arrive in the market by 2020.

18 readings device makers have confirmed that they will be releasing their 5G compatible devices by 2019.

Think, how our life has changed after the availability of 4G technology. Now think of how our life will be with Technology that will become a reality with 5G

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