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Tips to handle Google Chrome easier in Android

google chrome easy to handle Android

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Websites that do not take into account your mobile device, mobile-unfriendly interfaces, commands that require too many actions; using the internet on your mobile can be a real frustration. Fortunately, there are a number of useful tricks that you can use to improve your mobile internet experience.

Quickly switch between tabs

Do you have multiple tabs open? Switch with a simple movement by swiping your finger horizontally across the address bar. This way you can switch easily and quickly from site.

Manage tabs

If you want to manage your tabs in a more advanced way, swipe a tab down from the address bar. You will see your tabs in the same way as your apps (map form) if you want to switch between different websites.

Close all tabs at once

If you have a lot of tabs open and you don’t want to throw everything away like a goof, press the menu button (the three dots) and choose “Close all tabs”.

Copy URLs

You can of course copy a web address by opening the Chrome menu and choosing “share” and then choosing the “copy to clipboard” option, but that can be easier and faster. Hold your finger on the address bar and choose the “copy” option.

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Save pages offline

If you board the plane or you will soon be in another place where you cannot get connected to the internet, you can save your favorite pages in advance so that you can view them quietly. In Chrome it is a piece of cake to get that done. Open the Chrome menu (the three dots at the top right) and press the down arrow. The entire page is now saved.

If you want to view pages stored offline, press the “Downloads” option in the same menu.

Save pages as PDF

There is another way to save web pages and this way is even easier to share. Press the menu button and choose “Share”. Select “Print” and you will see a preview. At the top choose “Save as PDF” and press the blue circle, “save / print” button.

Text Actions

Why waste your energy typing all the texts you need? Hold down your finger for words, links or phone numbers and a context menu appears with actions you can perform around these words. Share texts with other apps (for example a note app) or call a phone number directly. Save images or play music and videos directly in the players on your smartphone.

Zoom when you want

Unfortunately, it is still far too common that you end up on a mobile website that does not give you the option to zoom. A few years ago this irritation was in seventh place in our app irritation article.

Fortunately, Chrome now gives you the option to bypass this restriction. Press the menu button and choose “settings”. Select “Accessibility” and check the “Enable Zoom Enable” option. Now you can zoom wherever and whenever you want.

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Easier to read

Some websites are not easy to read. An annoying font or difficult color choice can cause you a headache if you spend too long on the site. Chrome has an option on board that simplifies websites, making them more readable. This option can also be found under the “Accessibility” heading in the settings menu.

Check “Simplified View” and you will have the option to enable this option on websites that support that. A white bar appears at the bottom of the page giving you the option of choosing a simplified view. Press it and the page will only display much-needed text and images in neutral colors.

Swipe, don’t tap

All that tapping on your screen is unnecessary. In some cases, you don’t even have to take your finger off the screen. If you press the menu button and don’t take your finger off the screen, you can scroll through all the options immediately. If you hold your finger over the option that you want to use and then release, this option is used immediately.

Continue where you left off

One of the most powerful features of Chrome is one that few people know exists. All open tabs are synchronized between all different instances of Chrome. If you open Chrome on your Android phone and then continue on your PC, all your tabs will be taken to your laptop or desktop computer.

Open the menu and press “Recently used tabs”. There you see all the websites that you had open and these are all transferred to your desktop browser.

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Bookmarks on your home screen

You can easily place sites that you visit regularly on your home screen by clicking on the “Add to Start screen” option in the menu. The website icon appears as a shortcut (with the Chrome icon).

Fast internet and save data

Chrome’s Data Saver mode is a powerful and invisible system to do exactly that: When this feature is activated, pages are routed by Google’s servers in a fraction of a second before they reach your device. The pages are then compressed and sent to you in a smaller format, although you will probably not notice any difference from a visual point of view. Unfortunately, this option does not work with secure HTTPS pages, so as more and more websites use HTTPS, the impact of Data Saver becomes increasingly limited. But all bits help.

You can try it out by opening the Data Saver section of the Chrome settings. Once the function has been active for a while, you can visit that same section to get a detailed overview of how much data you have saved over time.

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