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Top Troubleshooting Utilities for Mac OS

Top Troubleshooting Utilities for Mac OS

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Just like any Operating System and computer hardware, Mac machines are also susceptible to problems. Find out the top troubleshooting utilities for Mac OS.


OnyX is a free app and excellent one in doing the job.  It’s a multifunctional utility which allow verifying the startup files and also check the integrity of system files. You can also do scans to remove system cache and logs, rebuild database and restore links between file types. Additionally, it allows configuring the Finder in ways Apple won’t allow. At present, OnyX is at version 2.6.1.


Cocktail is very popular utility which is available to users at a reasonable price of $19 for single license.  The utility is said to be used by more than 250,000 individual licenses and some of the best corporate computers worldwide. The utility provides a clean interface with wide range of tools to clean, repair, optimize and tweak your Mac. The tool has five major categories Disk, System, System, Network and Pilot features each catering to different functions. It helps in clearing clutters by removing logs and caches, run periodic maintenance scripts, optimize system performance and backup at regular interval. It also allows optimizing virtual memory and configures file sharing settings with ease.


This one is a little pricey at $99.95, but definitely worth it. The utility come with a very clean and simple interface. All you need is to click the button and let the utility do the rest for you. Diskwarrior have the ability to repair and replace corrupted directories on Mac. This is the utility of choice whenever there is an issue with drive failure or unable to read from the disk because of cryptic errors. Apart from repairing the disk, it can also retrieve files and folders which are corrupted or lost. Diskwarrior is highly rated in its category and have won more awards than any utility in this category.

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These 3 utilities alone can fix most of the issues with Mac OS.

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