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Use Ccleaner like a Pro

use ccleaner like a pro

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You might have the best hardware configuration for running Windows OS, your favorite applications and games. In spite of this, have you noticed your computer slowing down after sometime? There are plenty of reasons for a computer to slow down. It might be because of presence of too many junk and temporary files, presence of computer infections, presence of too many startup items etc. For this reason, it is recommended to do a periodic maintenance. Basically, cleanup all junk and keep it clean.

There is no better software than Ccleaner when it comes to PC maintenance. Go through every list for must have softwares for PC, you can see Ccleaner in every list.

Ccleaner is an award winning free software developed by Piriform. Ccleaner recently achieved 1 Billion downloads worldwide. Ccleaner is a small sized software with a simple interface, very effective and don’t need much system resources to run. This make it one of the most popular and downloaded software among Windows users.

How to run Ccleaner like a Professional


This option is used to remove the temporary files from your computer. This includes temporary files belonging to operating system, internet and applications. Removing these temporary files may also remove left over files from computer infections.
use ccleaner like a pro - cleaner tab

  • Close all applications
  • Open Ccleaner. On the left side, click on Cleaner
  • Just right to that, you may notice Windows and Applications tab.
  • Under Windows Tab, select all options except the Wipe Free Space
    Note: Wipe Free Space is used to wipe out whatever is there in free space. If you select the option, it might take a long time for the scan to complete. This option fill the entire free space with 0’s and 1’s. This reduce the possibility of retrieving already deleted sensitive files from your computer.
  • Under Applications tab, select the options that you want to clear
  • Click on Analyze. Once it is done, it will show the amount of free space available.
  • Click on Run Cleaner.

This process will remove all temp files from your computer. You may repeat the step to check if there are any file left and remove it.


Windows registry carries hierarchical information regarding the hardware and software in your computer. When a software or hardware is installed, some entries related to them are stored inside the registry. Over a period of time, the Windows Registry tends to store lot of information, including entries from previously installed programs. This clutter may add to the slow performance of your computer.
use ccleaner like a pro - registry tab
use ccleaner like a pro - cleaning registry

  • On the left side of Ccleaner, click on Registry
  • Click on Scan for Issues
  • Once the scan is complete, click on Fix selected issue
  • You will be prompted to take a registry backup. Click on Yes, then save it in a secure location preferably on C drive
    Note: Registry is a very sensitive area in Windows. Making wrong modification or accidentally removing certain entries might result in corrupting the normal function of a program or hardware. In worst case scenario, it can even lead to system crash. So it is recommended to backup registry to be on the safer side.
  • After registry backup, Ccleaner will continue with removing unwanted registry entries.

Repeat the step, till all registry entries are removed.


You can see other tools for optimizing your computer performance.

  • Uninstall: This will give you the list of all programs installed on your computer. Select the program which needs to be deleted and click on Run Uninstaller. The same can be done without the help of Ccleaner. But the real use is when, a program refuse to uninstall using the normal method. Ccleaner can be used to forcibly remove a program and remove the program entry from Programs list.
    use ccleaner like a pro - tools uninstall tab
  • Startup: One major reason for a computer to slow down is the presence of too many entries in the startup. In reality, none of the startup entries need to be there except the security software as the computer needs to be protected as soon as it is turned on. From the list of Startup entries, you may either Delete or Disable the entries listed there.
    Another advantage is the ability to see the startup entries for IE, Firefox, Google Chrome and scheduled tasks. You can also disable or delete if you find unnecessary entries.
    use ccleaner like a pro - tools startup tab
  • File Finder: This is a very useful tool if you suspect having same file stored in multiple locations. If you have too many of these files or it is big file, this will help you freeing up some hard disk space.
    use ccleaner like a pro - tools filefinder
  • System Restore: System Restore is a windows feature which allow the operating system to take back to a time when it was working fine. System Restore is one of the most useful troubleshooting tool especially when system crash.
    use ccleaner like a pro - tools system restore
  • Drive Wiper: Files once deleted can be recovered using special softwares which specialize in data recovery. So if you had sensitive files which you deleted, it is still possible to retrieve those deleted files until it gets over written by newer files. By running Drive Wiper, it wipe out all traces of deleted files making it impossible to recover the files.
    use ccleaner like a pro - tools drive wiper

How often should you run Ccleaner?

As a professional blogger, I spend almost 10 -15hrs online every day. As a result, I tend to browse lot of websites and download lot of files. I run Ccleaner once in a day or two, or whenever I find my computer slowing down. For a normal user, I recommend running it once a week or whenever you find the computer slowing down.

 Can Ccleaner replace security software?

Ccleaner is a system maintenance tool which can be used to remove temporary files and optimize PC settings to improve computer performance. During the process of removing unwanted files, Ccleaner might be able to remove some left over files from computer infections or in some case, the virus itself. But it is not designed to protect your computer against viruses, malware or hackers. Ccleaner can be considered a nice compliment to security software, but it is never a replacement.

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  • Amit Kumar January 29, 2015, 3:26 pm

    Hii Anup,

    You said correct that Ccleaner is one of the most useful windows software for PC maintenance. I am using Ccleaner from a long time and well familiar with its benifits. You mentioned some very appropriate points related to Ccleaner which i am going to take care.

    Thanks for sharing such helpful article with us 🙂

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