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Use Notepad as a Diary

windows notepad diary

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Notepad is a simple text editor. There are limitations to notepad when it comes to editing and formatting text. At the same time, there are also many hidden features in Notepad which can be very useful. One such feature allows Notepad to insert date and time automatically when that file is opened. This feature make it ideal to use Notepad as a diary or as a file to keep logs.

How to use Notepad as a diary

  • Open Notepad
  • Type .LOG inside the text(.LOG has to be in capital letter. Small letter will not work.)
  • Now save the file and name it appropriately.
  • Re-open the file. You may notice the date and time automatically gets inserted inside the text. Add your entry and close the file.
notepad diary

Now every time the file is opened, you will have the data and time automatically inserted.

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