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Watch YouTube Video and read comments simultaneously

YouTube comment mode using Chrome

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People watch a lot of videos these days, especially on YouTube channel. Apart from watching videos, it is also interesting to go through the comment section to see the conversation that is happening, find other people’s view and add your own conversation to the discussion.

The problem with YouTube is that you have to scroll down to see the comment section. So you will have to finish watching the video and then scroll down to see the comments or skip watching the video, just listen to the video and go through the comment section whichever works for you. But most users, especially the ones with short attention span prefer to watch YouTube and read the comments.

Thanks to a new Chrome add-on, it is now possible to watch videos and read comments simultaneously.

YouTube normal mode in Chrome

YouTube in normal mode

YouTube with comment mode enabled in Chrome

YouTube with comment mode add-on

Install Comment Mode add-on from Google Web Store

Once the add-on is installed, the videos will be moved to the right side of the page while the comments will occupy the top left side. This way you can keep the video playing while scrolling through comments on the left side. As of now, comment mode doesn’t work when YouTube videos are played in full-screen mode. Comments are always displayed on the left side and no customization is possible. Hopefully, that might be added in future versions.


  • Watch video and comments simultaneously.


  • Video always displayed on the right and comments to left. No customization is possible
  • The video screen on the right is small and cannot be resized
  • The video screen and comments not always displayed side by side in certain resolutions

A very handy add-on if you want to watch the video and comment simultaneously.

Firefox users

Firefox users can use the video pinner add-on to do the same. This one is better as the video will be pinned on the top, while the rest of the page is scrollable.

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