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What is Apple Fusion Drive?

what is apple fusion drive

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Apple Fusion Drive is a data storage technology which combines standard hard drive with flash based storage SSD drive. The technology uses new software CoreStorage to share files between the hard disk and SSD.

In traditional Hybrid drive, it includes two separate drives (hard disk and SSD) and you will be able to add data from one drive to the other with the help of software. Frequently used files needs to be moved to the SSD for getting optimum performance. In Mac, the Hybrid drive acts as one large disk. The frequently used files will be automatically recognized and moved to the flash storage area. This happens behind the scene using an application CoreStorage which does the job for you. CoreStorage is capable of understanding the files and documents which you use frequently and the less frequently used one.

The biggest advantage of Apple Fusion Drive is the speed of data transfer from the drive. The Operating system is stored inside the SSD which helps the computer to boot much faster than normal. Also the applications and files which are frequently used will now load up lot faster than normal as these files are now transferred and opened from SSD.

Fusion drive is set up at factory. So if you don’t have Fusion drive in your computer, you need to go for a new machine with this technology. Apple may be able to repair if something goes wrong with your fusion drive. But upgrading is not a possibility unless you go for a new machine with your required specification.

Is Apple Fusion Drive worth it?

It’s up to you to decide. Apple is famous for its high performance and stability. But if you prefer your Mac to be at its peak performance and you have enough budget to pay for that, go for it. You won’t be disappointed.

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