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What to look for before buying a Second Hand Processor

What to look for before buying a Second Hand Processor

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In previous article, we discussed about what to look for in a second hand hard disk. Compared to hard disks processors are worthy enough for second hand purchase. Unlike hard disk, Processors cannot be refurbished. Second hand processors have a higher chance to last longer than any other computer hardware component. Another advantage is, even if the processor fails, you can still replace it with a working one and continue your work. You don’t stand the chance of losing any critical data from your computer as in hard disk failure.

Processors cannot be refurbished even by the manufacturers. This works in favor of buyer looking for second hand processor. If somebody is offering to sell a processor second hand, it is most probably tested by seller and in good working condition. To be on safer side, check if the processor is working first hand and also check if there is a returns policy within a certain period.

There is a risk associated with buying used processor. You need to check if the processor is overclocked. Processor manufacturers does give users option to overclock processors, but by doing so the product will be void of warranty. Overclocking can considerably reduce a processors life span. Because of the frequent variation of high temperature and cooling process, the chips get damaged quickly. If the processor you bought is a frequently overclocked one, you may never know how long it will last further. It will be better to check with the seller to know if the processor was used before and if it was ever overclocked.

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Apart from this, there are no more problems with buying a used processor. Make sure there is a returns policy within a certain period with the seller. Also, try getting a substantial discount.

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