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What you need to know of USB OTG

USB OTG what you need to know

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Smartphones are getting smarter with new features added in short time periods that makes it much user friendly and life easier. One of the feature that made a life lot easier is the introduction of USB OTB which allow connecting USB and access media.

USB OTG stands for USB On-The-Go. Basically, it allows you to connect a USB device to read data without needing a PC.

Who supports USB OTG

As of now, only Android is using OTG on their mobile phones. Microsoft is expected to add the feature in their future Microsoft phones. Apple on the other hand seems not in favor of adding the feature to their phones. Maybe they want to add their own custom designed ones similar to OTG.

Check if your smartphone support USB OTG

If the smartphone was bought within last 2 yrs., it is more likely you have this feature supported in your device.

Check your smartphone manufacturers manual to see if the phone supports this feature. Also, check the box which carried the smartphone. The OTG certified logo will be displayed on the box cover. If you still can’t find the details, google your smartphone details online and check if it supports this feature.

There are also programs like USB OTG Checker or Easy OTG Checker to check if your phone supports this feature. The Apps are available in Google Play Store.

How to connect USB device

Every OTG supported Android device carry a standard micro-USB port. To connect a USB device, your need to buy a micro-USB to USB dongle which don’t cost much.

OTG connector facts

USB OTG practical use

  • Connect your USB directly to USB OTG to access the files directly from USB
  • Connect a keyboard or mouse using the USB
  • Buy a USB hub which can be bought at a small price. You may connect multiple USB devices to your phone.
  • Copying your favorite music and video inside smartphone reduce the available free space. Instead of copying these files inside your device, carry a USB which contain your favorite audio and video. Connect whenever you want to use it.
  • Connect your USB game controller and play your favorite games

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