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WhatsApp two step verification rolled out for added security

whatsapp two step verification for security

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WhatsApp rolled out its two-step verification process for added security. The update which was in the beta stage from Nov 2016, is now officially released for Android, iOS and Windows Phones. Setting up an update, however, Is optional. You may choose to configure or leave it the way it was inside the settings.

Configure WhatsApp two-step verification

  1. Open WhatsApp > Settings > Account > Select Two-Step verification
  2. Tap Enable to start the process
  3. Enter the 6-digit passcode needed for the two-step process. Re-enter the code once again for verification.
  4. Add email to your account. The purpose of adding email is to communicate with you if you forget the passcode. The window also has the option to Skip it if you don’t want to enter the email address.

That’s it, the process is done.
enable whatsapp two step verification
complete whatsapp two step verification 6 digit passcode

What is the purpose of WhatsApp two-step verification?

WhatsApp released the update to create an additional layer of security when you register with WhatsApp again. The two-step verification is needed when you have to register and transfer your WhatsApp account to another device using the same SIM and phone number.

What happens if you forget passcode?

WhatsApp will send a reminder every 7 days to re-enter the 6-digit passcode. This is to make sure, you remember passcode without fail. In case if you fail to enter the correct passcode, you can use the email address to retrieve and create a new passcode.

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In case, if you haven’t set an email address during the two-step verification process, WhatsApp will still allow you to create a new passcode after 7 days. You can create a new passcode, but all pending messages will be deleted automatically upon successful re-entry. If you stayed away from verifying WhatsApp more than 30 days, your account will be deleted and a new one is created on successful re-entry.

We will keep you updated if there is any new update. Use the comment section for your feedback.

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