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Why Apple iPhone 7 is better than Google Pixel

pixel vs iphone guide

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iPhone 7 and Pixel are probably the most talked and the best smartphone available in the market right now. The next obvious question is which is the best among the two?

Reasons why iPhone 7 is better than Pixel

  1. Performance – A10 vs Snapdragon 821

Pixels Snapdragon 821 and iPhone 7’s A10 processors are very fast. They are fast enough that they are as faster than some of the desktop computers.

Both processors are quad core processor.

Pixels Snapdragon 821 processors have two of the cores clocked at 2.15 Hz, while the other two are clocked at 1.6 GHz. The A10 cores are clocked higher than Snapdragon. In Geekbench database, the single core score for pixel is 1578 and total core score is 4089. The single core score for A10 is 3430 and total core score is 5600. The pixel score is less than even the processing power of iPhone 6.

The truth is, both processors are fast and users won’t find any difference using both smartphones. There are currently no Apps or mobile software’s that is capable of truly challenging the processing power of both processors. The benchmarking scores is the only way to know which one is better.

iPhone 7 is the clear winner in this category.

  1. Protection from environment factors

Google Pixel is IP53 and iPhone 7 is IP67.

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IP stands for Ingress Protection, a standard formulated by International Electrotechnical Commission to specify the factors such as waterproof, water resistant, dust resistant etc.

iPhone 7 is not only dust resistant, but also water proof. You can immerse an iPhone under water up to 1 meter deep and up to 30 minutes. Google Pixel is resistant to dust to some quantity, but the exact amount is not specified. It is resistant to spraying water when kept tilted at 60-degree angle. But there is no water protection as much as offered by iPhone.

  1. Placement of Fingerprint scanner

In iPhone 7, the finger print scanner is integrated directly into home button. So it’s easy for an owner to simply place it on top of table and unlock it. Google Pixel should have done the same rather than placing it behind making it a little discomfort to unlock.

  1. 3D Touch

3D Touch as of now is only present in iPhone starting from iPhone 6. With applying strong pressure on the display screen, you can see variety of interaction options such as using shortcuts, previews etc.

  1. Stereo vs Mono

iPhone 7 offer stereo sound against the mono sound offered by Google Pixel. The speakers are placed right to the Lightning port and the next set on top of the display housing. The true stereo sound gives you an enjoyable experience while playing music, games and watching movies.

  1. Storage Space

Some users need lot of storage space for storing pictures, music and movies. iPhone 7 comes in 32 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB versions. Google Pixel comes in 32 and 128 GB versions.

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