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Why Root Android Phone

rooting android device

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Most Android phone given by service providers comes with a lot of restrictions. These restrictions prevent users from installing new Apps or update to latest Android version. In order to get the full privileged control, you need to root your Android Phone.

Here are some reasons to Root Android Phone

  1. Remove Bloatware

Bloatware is pre-installed apps that come with the phone. Even though some of these Apps are essential, you may find some which are of no use and unnecessarily consume precious memory. To remove these Apps, you need to root to remove Bloatware.

  1. Extend battery life

By rooting your Android device, you can access functions which allow users to change the settings, change the power that goes to CPU and reduce it to save battery life.

  1. Customize your phone

A non-rooted phone comes with restrictions and carries limited options when it comes to changing the wallpaper, ringtones, keyboard sounds etc. Once you root your Android phone, there is no limit to the customizations that can be done on your phone.

  1. Install new Apps

By rooting your Android phone, you are allowed to install new Apps against restrictions to install certain apps on a non-rooted phone.

  1. Overclock

Just like a PC can be overclocked, you can overclock your smartphone. By default, manufacturers don’t encourage overclocking to prevent users from burning down their own device. If you are a techie who loves to overclock your mobile device, you need to root your smartphone.

  1. Change the phone using a custom ROM

A rooted device allows for flashing the ROM. This allows for installing the latest Android version and also improve the performance of the smartphone. This is one of the main reasons why people chose to root their smartphone.

  1. Increase Android memory

By removing unwanted Apps and by installing performance-enhancing Apps, you can free up precious memory needed for the smooth functioning of your phone. You can even use Apps like MiniTool Partition to make Android use the external disk space as an internal space which allows for better performance and also allows for installing more Apps.

  1. Block Advertisement

One of the disadvantages of a non-rooted device is that the phone is customized for their brand. This means you will find wallpapers, apps, games which shows the brand name or its affiliate’s brand name all over. Rooting your smartphone allow installing Apps that allow blocking these ads and also remove Apps that show advertisements.

Hope you find this article informative. Use the comment section for feedbacks.

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