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Why you should never save files on the Desktop

never save files on Desktop

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Lot of users simply save their files to the desktop until it’s no more needed. It is understandable when we save files to desktop. Being there on the desktop, it is easy to access the file and it also acts as a reminder if that file is something that you are working upon.

Here are some risks and disadvantages associated with saving files on Desktop

  1. Files lost during system restore

If a system restore is done on a computer, the files that was created and saved on Desktop after the date of system restore will be lost. For e.g, if you restore you computer to a week back, all applications and files created after that day will be lost. (Doing a system restore only removes applications, but not the files. But files saved on Desktop is exception. It will be lost.)

  1. Clog up system partition space

The desktop space is actually the space inside system partition. If you save big files such as video and audio file on desktop, it is going to consume space on system partition. It is advised not to use up system partition completely or else it will compromise the speed and overall performance of your computer. So don’t let desktop files fill up system partition space.

  1. Problems with backup software

Most backup software’s are not designed to automatically backup up files saved on desktop. You need to configure it.

  1. Privacy issues

Files saved on the desktop is in direct view to anyone using the computer. Anyone can view, tamper or remove the file from desktop. This interferes with your privacy.

  1. Higher chance of accidental deletion

Files saved on desktop are more prone to accidental deletion than files saved anywhere else inside the computer. Even a problem with the mouse sensor can cause accidental deletion.

  1. Too many files slow down loading user profile

This is a problem only in a networked environment. The files saved on the desktop becomes part of a user’s profile. So if you have roaming profile activated in a network, it will take some time to load your user profile completely if you have too many files on desktop.

  1. Desktop looks messy

Studies say you are more likely to feel energetic and eager to work in a neat and tidy environment. So, why not a workspace which looks less messy. If you have too many files, you can create multiple folder, name them appropriately and move those files to folders.

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