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Why you should replace Kids corner with Apps corner in Windows Phone

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Are you aware of Kids corner feature in Windows Phone? If Yes, have you wondered what happened to Kids corner feature in latest Windows 10? Here is what happened.

We all know Kids love smartphones. A problem with them playing with your phone is the accidental deletion of data or Apps, change the configuration etc. It’s also not always possible to restrict kids from using your phone.

A solution to this from Microsoft is to set up Kids corner in your Windows Phone. Once the feature is configured, a child can start using the phone. But it will be restricted to opening and playing the Apps that is allowed by the owner.

Why is Kids Corner not in Windows 10?

According to Microsoft, the Kids Corner option was wiped out with Windows Phone Anniversary update. This is because the Kids Corner was used very less by Windows Phone users. So, it was not justified to continue the development and provide support for this feature. In other words, Microsoft didn’t find it profitable and had to give up on its development. It’s not clear if Microsoft will have a Kids corner in future.

There is another option Apps corner which does the same. Once you set the App center, you can allow others to access only certain Apps and options while blocking out all of your private details.

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How to configure Apps corner in Windows Phone

  1. Go to Settings -> Apps corner
  2. Click Apps. Now select the Apps that you want others to access. Once it is done, click the check button at bottom of screen.
  3. Once you come back to Apps corner screen, you have the option to block access to Action center and Settings. It is recommended to turn both option Off.
  4. There is also an advanced option. There you have the option to allow or block access to Camera, Search, Start, Back and modify time button.
  5. Once the changes are made, restart the windows phone

After restart, you will be taken to your normal screen which should be password protected. Swipe left and you can see another desktop screen for Apps corner. You will only have the Apps that is allowed for you. You can arrange these Apps on the desktop as you wish and play with them.

If you have older phone, here is how to configure Kids corner

How to configure Kids corner in Windows Phone

  1. Click Start
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Open Kids Corner -> Tap Next
  4. Now add content to Kids corner such as Apps, Games, Music or Videos. After selection, tap Done
  5. Tap Next -> Tap Set password -> Tap Done

How to use Kids Corner in Windows Phone

  1. From the main lock screen, swipe left
  2. You will reach the Kids Corner screen.

The Kids corner screen is same as that of normal screen except, you will only find the Apps and files which you have permission to access. There is also a start screen. You have the option to move around Apps and customize the screen

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You can always turn it on or off by going back to Settings -> Kids Corner.

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