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Windows 10 Microsoft Edge Web Browser Review

edge web browser review

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For more than 20 yrs., Microsoft used Internet explorer as the default browser for Windows. The Internet explorer is now replaced by a new App called Edge. Even though Internet explorer is still available in Windows 10, seems it will be systematically removed from Windows once the users gets comfortable with the new Edge browser.

Features of Microsoft Edge

  • Simple and improved new user Interface
  • Improved Security: Edge doesn’t support popular exploits such as VB scripts, VML, ActiveX etc. The only script it allows is JavaScript.
  • Reading View: Reading View allow users to view webpages in simple mode with reduced distractions from ads and complicated layout designs.
  • Drawing and making notes on Web pages: Tools such as a pen, highlighter, notepad and erasers are available which can be used to draw and make notes on webpages.
  • Cortana Integration: Cortana is integrated with Microsoft Edge. You can now do internet searches using Cortana.
  • Developer Tools: By clicking on menu option on the right side, there is a developer tool available for developers. This can also be opened by F12. You can access codes, debug, design, check page speed etc.

Launch and use of Microsoft Edge Browser

    • Launch: Click the Edge App on the taskbar or tile in the start menu
Microsoft Edge Web Browser Review Windows 10
  • Set Breaking News and Weather: On opening the App, you will be shown latest news and weather reports. If you don’t have it, click the Show my news feed at the bottom of browser window. You can also use customize option for getting news from your preferred source.
    Microsoft Edge Web Browser Review Windows 10
    microsoft edge browser start window
  • Browse: Enter the url or search term inside address box located on top of the window. Just like Internet explorer, there is a back and forward button, a home button and reload button to help in browsing purpose.
  • Save the webpage: Click the star icon on toolbar. From the options, you can save the currently opened page to favorites or reading list.
  • Reading View: Webpages can be distracting with too many ads or ads placed in the wrong place making it difficult to read. Click the book icon on the right side of toolbar to switch to reading view. Once enabled, webpages will be displayed in simple mode with no or less ads.
  • In private browsing: Go to menu and select New InPrivate to open a private browsing window. This allow the user to browse anonymously. Once the inPrivate browsing window is closed after use, the system automatically removes the cookies, passwords and browsing history making it difficult to gather details.

How to open Internet Explorer in Windows 10

If you are not happy with Microsoft Edge browser, you still have the option to use Internet explorer. Here are some methods to open Internet explorer.

  1. Press Windows Key + R for opening Run window. Type iexplore and click OK. This will open Internet explorer.
  2. Open the Internet explorer icon from taskbar
  3. If you have Edge browser open, click on the menu denoted by 3 dots. Click Open with Internet Explorer.

Verdict: The browser UI looked simple and clutter free giving the impression, this might be the one to defeat chrome and Firefox browsers. The browser is definitely faster than Internet explorer, but failed to impress compared to Chrome. Being a modern browser, I was hoping the browser comes with inbuilt support for all modern web standards. But I was disappointed to see some website layout not displayed properly and CSS codes not doing the job as it does in other browsers. I hope the browser is still in its infancy and lot of improvements can be expected in coming days.

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